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Ezeepay supporting local businesses through their newly launched QR Codes

Ezeepay a Delhi-based fintech startup launches its QR code and Ezeepay Touchpoint on the eve of their fourth establishment year.

Ezeepay celebrated its 4th successful year in the market by launching Ezeepay touchpoints across the country and making it easy to scan and pay QR Codes.

These touchpoints across the country are the one-stop store where you access all the Ezeepay features and solutions the app offers in one location. Right from Banking & Digital Services to MicroLoan Services to Recharge & Bill Payment Services to Legal Services, and Utility Services., Ezeepay touchpoints can help you complete all that. People no longer need to go to multiple offices to pay their bills and renew their documentations. These touchpoints are managed and curated by Ezeepay can help them achieve all that.

Sham Tabrej, Founder and CEO of Ezeepay, mentioned, “Other than being the one-stop spot for all your payment and money needs in rural India, the touchpoints by Ezepay also offer employment opportunities to many people across the country. The people we employ are trained by us and learn how to help others with their banking and online payments via the Ezeepay app.”

The Ezeepay app is now available to help the direct consumer as well. The business-to-business-to-consumer (b2b2c) log-in allows consumers to make a payment directly to the registered businesses or pay their bills and LIC policies using the Ezeepay. In addition, using the app to make payments enables the consumer to earn a specific commission back and reward points they can use ahead. Every transaction made on the Ezeepay app earns its users a fixed commission.

The QR Code launched by Ezeepay allows people to scan the code and make payments at stores and businesses. Money is earned every time a payment is made using an Ezeepay QR code or via the app. The QR Code further enables any business to help its customers pay their bills and use the other facilities available on the Ezeepay app.

“Ezeepay, the app, allows everyone a chance to make more money. Every transaction earns the consumer a fixed commission, while it helps businesses collect cash directly into their account,” stated Rashid Ali, Managing Director at Ezeepay. In addition, the money and points earned via the app can purchase other products from vendors who have their businesses registered on the app. Thus, allowing local businesses and companies to reach a wider audience and consumer base via Ezeepay.

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