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EZVIZ participates in Smart Home Expo 2024; Launches new products

 Mumbai : EZVIZ, a global smart home solution provider, showcased its latest innovations in smart home security at Smart Home Expo 2024, India’s biggest platform for smart home offerings held in Mumbai. The company received an overwhelming response at its debut appearance at the Smart Home Expo 2024, unveiling an impressive lineup of products designed to revolutionize modern living.

EZVIZ showcased its latest 4G-enabled products in the camera range, smart door lock systems, and door viewers, all of which are integral components of the smart entry product lineup. Additionally, EZVIZ made waves by introducing its pioneering line of smart vacuum cleaners, marking the company’s entry into the smart home appliance sector. The response to EZVIZ’s products was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees and industry experts alike lauding the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Previously, EZVIZ has achieved the TOP3 market share within the Indian Market with their iconic designs.

Commenting on this, Bipin Gupta, Product Manager, EZVIZ, said “We are elated to participate in the Smart Home Expo 2024, India’s largest Smart Home Technology event. The expo posed a great opportunity to showcase our latest product innovations. The enthusiastic response to our new range of products reaffirms our position as a leader in the smart home industry. It underscores our commitment to providing consumers with cutting-edge solutions that simplify and enhance their everyday lives. With a renewed focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, EZVIZ looks forward to further strengthening its presence in the smart home landscape and delivering unparalleled value to its customers.”

Product List & brief synopsis –

a.           Dual Lens Camera Series-H7C & H9c

Experience unparalleled indoor vision with the EZVIZ H7c Dual. Using two powerful lenses to ensures comprehensive coverage from top to bottom, the camera provides whole-room protection like never before. Equipped with human motion detection, two-way calling, and crystal-clear day/night vision, it keeps you connected to your home from anywhere, and doubles up your sense of safety with much more flexible features.

Furthermore, the new addition to EZVIZ’s highly acclaimed PT Series, the dual-lens H9c 2K demonstrates the future of security automation with multiple unique technologies. Its two cameras work interactively to protect larger areas with minimal manpower, achieving results comparable to a multi-camera system. It alerts to important events, follows ongoing activities, and patrols key locations from time to time – all automatically.

b.           Smart Door Locks-DL05

The DL05 sticks to the core values of a truly smart lock – easy to unlock, smart in controls, and safe by design. Connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it boasts flexible unlocking methods, and connects you to your home wherever you are via the EZVIZ App. Under a modern and sleek appearance, its sturdy lock body and multiple safety features help guard your entrance properly.

c.           Vaccum Cleaner-RH1

The RH1 from EZVIZ tackles sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all at once then self-cleans its own brush. It goes anywhere in your home to find and remove those dirty stains. Designed for all types of hard floors, it simplifies household chores and makes everyday cleaning shorter and sweeter.

EZVIZ products are designed to cater to various security needs and can be utilized for toddler monitoring, elderly parents, pets, and the indoor and outdoor areas of homes, villas, offices, and businesses. All products are meticulously developed to achieve superior quality, visual appeal, and ease of use.

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