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Faisal khan an emerging Fitness model

Faisal Khan is another emerging athlete from India, showing his skills nationally. This guy is not only hard-working but is passionate about achieving his goals. He started his training with his master Mohit Hasija.

He has participated in various bodybuilding competitions and not even a single time he has came back bare-handed. He secured 3rd position in Gour Classic India Expo 2021.

He stated that these experiences helped him not only to boost his focus on his passion, but also feels improvement in his exposure and mental development. He overcomes from many other things in this way.

Then he became part of “Musclemania India” by giving them best poses in his bodybuilding competition. He believes in being consistent, No matter how talented you are! if you are not committed to your dreams, you wouldn’t be able to achieve it.

Another thing about Faisal which is appreciative is, his active presence on social media where he shows his progress and hard work to his audience. Along with that, he shares his eating habits and gives awareness regarding health and food. He has a massive followers of 48.3K, which shows people want to see him doing wonders. He is influencing plenty of people and giving them direction.

He is not confined to a single coach or a single mentor but tries to grab more tips or information from various people which is the great reason for his success. As fitness is not a competition between two entities; instead, it’s a journey of improvement with yourself.

He faces various difficulties too as it’s not a matter of days or months but a long journey where he is all alone and exciting himself. But at the end of the day, he achieved what he planned to and still trying to do better.

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