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  • Fake currency: SBI suspects involvement of miscreants

    Published on February 23, 2017

    currencyNew Delhi: The State Bank of India, SBI, said that there is a robust system in place for monitoring the quality of notes. The Bank’s statement came in the wake of the reports that its ATM at Sngam Vihar in Delhi dispensed fake notes of 2000 rupees on 6th of this month.

    It said, the investigation in the matter is underway. SBI said that the possibility of fake notes from Bank’s ATMs is very remote and it suspects involvement of some miscreants with mischievous intent. A person who had gone to withdraw money at an ATM allegedly received four notes of 2,000 rupees with “Children Bank Of India written on them.

    After the incidnet, a Sub-Inspector was also sent to the ATM to withdraw money and he also received a similar kind of fake note. A case has been registered at Sangam Vihar Police Station in the matter.


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