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  • FANJARA Connects Brands To Their Favorite Celebrities & Social Media Influencers

    Published on September 15, 2020

    New Delhi: FANJARA, a fastest growing personalised Celebrity-To-Fan connect platform allows brands to connect directly with their favorite celebrities and social media influencers to get an exclusive message out directly to their niche audience, at just a fraction of the cost spent in advertising or similar marketing channels.

    FANJARA is India’s first Celebrity-To-Fan connect platform that not only lets users request a greeting or a heart to heart comment from their favourite TV & Social Media Star, featuring personalised celebrity video messages, but also allows Brands to promote their products or get a new message out to their audiences through their favourite TV actors, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Bloggers, Influencers, Comedians, Sportspersons, Musicians, Anchors etc., among others. Brands can even endorse their banners/videos on celebs’ social media profiles leading to direct sales conversion for brands. Influencers can enhance a brand’s reputation considerably, as they make their message more personable, and can initiate customer interactions around it. Above all, informed customer opinion is a critical component to successful brand reputation management.

    Commenting on the potential of becoming the largest influencer marketing platform in the country, the spokesperson for FANJARA said “With the growing influence of social networks, what we called today as ‘influence marketing’ has emerged. People are turning to their favourite Instagram models, Twitter personalities and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions. Consumers have come to rely more on influencers’ feedback and opinion of a product or a Brand, as opposed to an advertisement or celebrity endorsements. Consequently, brands are customising their marketing strategy to strengthen their brand reputation. We intend to tap this space and create a strong network of Influencers that can be accessed by both established and as well as the emerging brands to reach out to their consumers and target audience.”
    FANJARA ties up with brands belonging to various industry verticals such as Health/ Fitness, e-Commerce, Education, Delivery services, Internet/Cloud services providers, Fashion & Design, Automotive, Repair & Cleaning etc. so forth and so on. Brands can sign up for free on FANJARA’s portal, and can browse through their catalogue of STARS divided by categories of YouTubers, Bloggers, Influencers, Instagrammers, Radio Jockeys, Anchors, Models, Reality TV Stars etc, and the like. A brand marketing strategy isn’t just confined to logo, name or slogan anymore, it’s about the experience the prospects or customers have with a company’s product or service. After all, who better than influencers can credibly convey a brand’s experience to customers these days. 

    “Brands are undergoing a transition and are redefining the ways in which they spend their marketing budgets. Expensive and inefficient advertisements, such as those found in newspapers, magazines or billboards, are being replaced by influencer marketing.” Further added the spokesperson.


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