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  • Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners

    Published on August 25, 2021

    Fashion photography is omnipresent. Its profession is fast-paced and is consistently evolving and dynamic. When we say fashion photography, it doesn’t just mean models with makeup but it focuses on a wide area like pictures, poses, lighting, exquisite locations and clothes.

    Like most areas, you need plenty of time and tolerance to comprehend. But If you’re truly interested to learn about fashion photography and want to take it to the next level, I’d reckon you join a course for fashion photography at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. It is considered one of the most reputed institutions for fashion learning for beginners, amateur, expert level and so on.

    The course for fashion photography in JD institute for beginners offers a robust on developing and refining the skills for those who just started in this field and in no time, you’d be confident enough to handle a camera all on your own. 

    Since this is a post for beginners tips, we’re going to give you some basic knowledge to remember on fashion photography. Here are some few tips for beginners:

    1. Understanding The Concept of ‘Fashion’

    Like any photographer, a robust knowledge of the subject matter is important to achieve the best outcomes. Having basic knowledge of existing fashion trends will boost beginners to improve in the industry. Keep track of the history of fashion and ancient designers, follow the trends of up to date fashion industry information and watch movies on fashion and documentaries.

    1. Pay Attention to Camera Angles

    First and foremost for a fashion photographer is to pay heed to the camera angles and instil this in your head the best camera angle for a shot doesn’t exist. The photographer uses several angles like; Eye-level shots, High angle shots, a low viewpoint with an upward angle, using low viewpoint and low angles etc.

    1. Use the Proper Equipment

    Assisting is another great way to understand the right lighting principles used on a shoot. There are plenty of tools essential to make a fashion shoot successful. Don’t be in a hurry to learn, take your time to learn how to properly use scrims, beauty dishes and octabanks. There are the tools available in every fashion shoot and having the proper knowledge will help you in your career.

    1. Be Ready Move to Around

    If you are aiming to become a high-end photographer, consider moving your location to a new country or a new city because high fashion shoots happen only in high fashion cities. If you plan to earn a hefty amount from shoots, you need to step up your game and go where the action is. Fashion photographers often move around from one city to another and you’d better be prepared for that.

    1. Lighting is Important

    Lightning plays an important part as it reveals the elements of the couture and sets up the right mood for a photoshoot. It is more convenient to shoot in the studios as it is much easier to control the lighting.

    For more ambient lighting, soft lights are used by photographers to create soft shadows with soft edges. Several other tools are used during a shoot such as, beauty dish as it can highlight certain body parts perfectly.

    Final words

    To wrap it up, the only advice to give out is that there are tons of fashion tips to learn from and it’s up to you to choose and what to avoid. But do keep in mind that fashion photography is all about being creative, artsy and imaginative. Once you get a hang of all these three things, you’ll be able to learn things with ease. But the most important thing is, put a lot of effort into it if you want to become the best fashion photographer out there. Good luck!


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