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  • Fast&Up Enters Child Nutrition Market with New Range Of Healthy Nutrition Designed For Kids

    Published on January 11, 2021

    Taking the promise of providing clean, healthy, and quality nutrition for adults and now children, Fast&Up, India’s leading active nutrition brand, has expanded its outreach to enter the child nutrition market with a new range of immunity boosters and electrolyte supplements for kids- Fast&Up Charge Kidz and Fast&Up Reload Kidz.

    Bridging the gap of quality nourishment for children in India, the brand will cater to the growing needs of both parents and kids through effervescent nutrition to make health drinks fun. Charge Kidz and Reload Kidz contain no added sugar or artificial colouring and are safe to consume. While Charge Kidz will help to boost immunity at an early age in children, Reload Kidz will provide instant energy and electrolyte replenishment in children, which are easily lost due to physical activity or through sweating. 

    Talking about the launch of Charge Kidz and Reload Kidz, Mr Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, CEO, Fast&Up, said, “Fast&Up Charge and Fast&Up Reload were launched before COVID-19 hit the world and long before immunity became a buzz word globally. Both our premium range of products were doing well but with the outbreak of the pandemic, we were overwhelmed by their growing prominence amongst Indians from all walks of life, going on to become the most recommended immunity boosters and choice of electrolyte for replenishment and instant energy. We realized the need to expand this further and take these products to kids. We are excited to announce the launch of Fast&Up Charge Kidz and Fast&Up Reload Kidz with the key aim to providing quality nutrition and boosting immunity in children at a young age.”

    Fast&Up Charge Kidz is formulated with natural immunity boosters that help to protect, build and strengthen immunity. Each effervescent tablet comes in a magic mango flavour and contains eight immunity-boosting ingredients backed by premium Swiss effervescent technology. This helps to provide better nutrient absorption and higher bioavailability. Effervescent supplements are easier for kids to consume than their traditional counterparts are as consuming a supplement in a drinking form is easier than swallowing tablets daily.

    -Key benefits

    • Contains Active Vitamin C Complex, made of Natural Amla + 100% RDA Vitamin C
    • Packed with super immunity natural herbs to strengthen daily immunity
    • Pro Immunity Vitamins & Minerals: Contains 100% RDA Vitamin D3, Zinc & Vitamin B6 for a stronger immune system
    • Comes in a delicious Magic Mango Flavour

    Fast&Up Reload Kidz is India’s first original effervescent nutrition designed with high quality, pure and clinically proven ingredients like essential electrolytes, vital vitamins and natural energy booster to provide instant hydration, energy and electrolyte replenishment. Each tablet with its 2 in 1 rapid action formula in wonder berry flavour helps provide faster nutrient absorption, better bioavailability and is gentle on the stomach. Fast&Up Reload Kidz is well researched, recommended by experts and mommy approved nutrition that helps your kids stay active and energetic throughout the day.

    -Key Benefits

    • Contains essential electrolytes which provide instant hydration & electrolyte replenishment
    • Its vital vitamins help in promoting energy all day
    • Comes with a 2 In 1 Rapid Action Formula with natural energy boosters
    • Comes in a delicious Wonder Berry Flavour
    • Has original fizz- No stirring required
    • Available in easy-to-carry tubes that fits in your pocket or bag for on-the-go instant hydration
    • Great For All Ages and ideal for the hydration of the entire family

    Both Fast&Up Reload Kidz and Fast&Up Charge Kidz have no added sugar or artificial colouring. So all you have to do for your child is drop 1 tablet in 250ml water, wait till it dissolves completely, drink and recharge yourself. The products are Ideal for children who are active, into sports or looking to boost energy or who are fussy eaters.


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