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  • Felixphere and Binance Coin blowing the competition out of the park – Why should you join them?

    Published on September 7, 2022

    New cryptocurrencies don’t just appear on the market haphazardly; they have a purpose, goals, and issues they want to address. Any project that differs from this premise is either fraudulent or will be buried among the market’s 19,000+ other cryptocurrencies.

    Every token’s usefulness decides the industry in which it will operate. Utility tokens, meme tokens, Defi tokens, and even the most recent waves of gaming tokens have all been seen before. There are at least 100 cryptocurrencies in each of these categories. A cryptocurrency requires advantageous attributes to succeed in such a cutthroat market.

    This article examines Felixphere’s (FELIX) potential for success in the gaming cryptocurrency market as well as what the future of Binance Coin means for the sector.

    What is Binance Coin?

    The Binance Exchange, a top trading and exchange platform that deals only in cryptocurrencies, issues Binance Coin (BNB), a native ERC20 token. BNB served as the exchange’s initial coin offering (ICO) funding and currently functions as a utility token that grants holders access to several helpful features, including lower trading costs on the platform and the ability to exchange it for other currencies on Binance Exchange. The native token of the decentralized Binance exchange is anticipated to be Binance Coin in the future.

    The Binance currency is one of the few crypto tokens on the market that is quite simple to value, in contrast to other cryptocurrencies, which are either still in the creation stage or through rigorous trials. This is because the value of the exchange itself and BNB are highly connected. How did we reach this judgment?

    Simply by examining the trade volume and historical growth rate of the Binance exchange, it is simple to gain insight into its position in the market. The team behind Binance has proven they have what it takes to execute their ambitions and put up a strong fight against established rivals by moving the exchange from nothing to one of the top trading platforms in the world. This inspires confidence in the platform and its future developments.

    In addition, users’ desire to take advantage of the available savings on trading costs, speculation, and quarterly coin burning all contribute to the rising demand for Binance currencies. As was already noted, Binance coin owners benefit from cheaper transaction costs. Given that Binance’s daily trading volume may reach an astounding $1.6 billion, many customers look for ways to reduce trading costs.

    Through a process known as coin burn, the Binance exchange is also deliberately limiting the currency supply. To effectively destroy the coins, Binance transfers them during the quarterly burn to a public address whose private keys are inaccessible. The Binance coin’s price is increasing as its supply is decreasing.

    Additionally, Binance is aggressively repurchasing cryptocurrencies to burn them, increasing the value of the remaining coins. In reality, the Binance team pledged to early investors during its initial coin offering (ICO) to use 20% of earnings to purchase back BNB and burn them to increase the coin’s value.

    Future plans for Binance (BNB)

    Currently, BNBs are used only to pay trading commissions. The Binance team, however, has more ambitious and audacious intentions for the coin. One interesting approach for holders to invest and profit from their holdings is to utilize BNB to invest in current ICOs that are hosted on the market.

    Additionally, Binance has made known its intentions to establish Binance Chain, a decentralized exchange. They determined that future exchange assets will be powered by BNB, thus boosting the coin’s demand and driving up its price.

    The BNB token will be more helpful as Binance continues to grow and introduce more services. Additionally, it is logical to assume that the currency will appreciate greatly once the quarterly coin burning occurs. Those who are currently speculating might wish to consider building up BNBs to make money later.

    What Is Felixphere (FELIX)?

    Built on the BNB Smart Chain, Felixphere (FELIX) is a virtual play-to-earn platform to make its members prosperous and successful. The team behind this protocol intends to transport players back to the less complex era of early games, which didn’t demand complicated technology. They hold the opinion that the more gamers there are, the happier everyone will be.

    The users of this platform will have a variety of methods to make money thanks to an ecosystem that provides play-to-earn games and a daily lottery.

    A peek into Felixphere (FELIX)

    Play-to-earn games make up the Felixphere

    (FELIX) ecosystem, as was previously indicated. These are straightforward games that practically everyone played as a child or saw. They include tic-tac-toe, roll the dice, rock-paper-scissors, and dots and boxes.

    The whitepaper for the project states that as time goes on, the platform will include new games. The team fully explains the game’s rather simple rules. It is also crucial to remember that the platform keeps 10% of each win and distributes the remaining 90% to consumers in the form of cashback and liquidity pool additions, among other things.

    A lottery is also offered by Felixphere (FELIX), and it will be live every day at 16:00 after tickets have been sold to interested parties until 15:30. After receiving a ticket, all that is required is to select 7 fortunate numbers or select a random set from a board and submit it.

    The two-layer referral structure that enables users to profit from referring new users to the site up to a second level is another intriguing feature of this ecosystem. In other words, both the people they directly brought in and the people who were brought in by the individuals they directly brought in can gain from them. For this, a 10% levy on winners generates a 2% profit.

    It is important to note that all winnings from either the games, lottery, or referral is paid in cryptocurrency, specifically FELIX.

    What you gotta remember about FELIX?

    The native BEP20 utility token for the Felixphere ecosystem is called FELIX. The ecosystem and all platform transactions are powered by the token, which is based on the BNB Smart Chain. Token holders will also profit from airdrops to their wallets, which can be used to play games or purchase lottery tickets.

    The project intends to use the token to provide users access to governance rights and give them the ability to vote on proposals made by the Felixphere DAO in the future (decentralized autonomous organization). Additionally, it will be fully equipped with DeFi features like staking, lending, borrowing, pooling, and trading, among others.

    Is Felixphere (FELIX) a wise long-term decision?

    You would be justified in being concerned about the project’s long-term viability. The market for cryptocurrencies is quite erratic. Even though it is hard to predict with certainty how the project will perform in the future, the underlying concept holds some promise.

    As a source of entertainment and leisure, games play a significant role in people’s lives. It’s extremely feasible that this idea gains widespread adoption over time, combining this with an opportunity to make money. Additionally, as compared to other play-to-earn platforms, it provides a singular experience of straightforward kiddie games, which is guaranteed to set it apart from rivals.

    Despite all these projections, it is crucial to constantly complete your homework before adding any new asset to your portfolio to make sure that its objectives match your value.

    Presale: http://luck.felixphere.io/

    Website: http://felixphere.io

    Telegram: https://t.me/FelixphereOfficial


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