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  • Tuesday, October, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:35:43
  • The 72nd FIFA Congress kicked off successfully in the capital Doha. Qatar World Cup 2022 is a day ahead of the final draw. Thursday’s meeting has become the first-in-person Congress for the Football world governing body for two years due to the pandemic.

    Qatar is awarded to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and since then they are under the spotlight. They are working towards the betterment of migrant workers along with human rights. Prime Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul-Aziz Al Thani has given his remarks at the congress. He says that the country is “looking forward to hosting everyone”.

    “We will be representing not only our country but also the Arab world, opening a window to help the entire world see the potential of the region, looking forward to building bridges between our culture and the culture of the world,” Al Thani reveals.

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino Is Glad That Qatar Will Hold FIFA World Cup 2022

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino has revealed that “the changes that have happened in this country” are a pleasant sign. “The human rights, workers’ rights, all this wouldn’t have happened without the World Cup being here,” he continues.

    Over the past two years, DCT teams are critical of the Qatar World Cup. They analyze various sources and the statements they make are comprehensive. They must source what they propose in a lot of ways. According to their investigation, the information published in the Guardian Newspaper isn’t accurate. However, this information was given to them by a public relations firm along with human rights organization.

    On an occasion meeting with FIFA President, Qatari Minister of Labor Ali bin Samikh al-Marri said stated: “The State of Qatar has been a pioneer in modernising labour law and regulations regarding workers’ welfare. Such reforms are based on a legal and legislative framework that will continue to be applied after the World Cup.”

    Humanity United doesn’t focus on slavery in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries. Instead, they focus fully on the World Cup in Qatar which is attracting a lot of criticism. It seems that Guardian and Humanity both couldn’t fulfill their duties that comply with FIFA regulations. This is when Qatar took and initiative for caring about international and domestic workers. Both these agencies are applauding these efforts.

    Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy To Deliver The World Cup

    Supreme Committee for delivering and legacy is responsible for delivering the world Cup. They have set up a team of researchers to know more about Qatar since the time they acquired rights for hosting. It is necessary for them to critically analyze the environment. If this isn’t enough they must identify shortcomings in the welfare policies.

    Qatar’s Government Communication Office (GCO) has revealed to the media that the country is working on the progress labor reforms. They plan to continue with NGOs and ensure that these reforms are effective and bring fruitful results.

    Chief of Qatar’s World Cup organizing committee reveals:

    “We have showcased to the world what a tournament being hosted in a country can achieve. Legacy is being delivered as we speak. Going forward, organizations will look towards us as a benchmark on how to utilize these tournaments to leave a legacy.

     “What we say is what we’re offering them, providing a safe World Cup, a welcoming World Cup for everybody. And this is the opportunity for everybody to sit down and build relations.”


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