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  • Fight Alzheimer the Natural Way

    Published on October 7, 2020

    By: Kamayani Naresh, Founder Zyro Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (Zyropathy)

    Alzheimer is a disease of forgetfulness. In this, the person loses his current memory and then slowly keeps on losing the balance of his memory and a day comes when he cannot recognize his own near and dear ones. A day reaches when he cannot differentiate between the food items, even he cannot distinguish between the liquid what to drink and what not to drink. He gets into a very bad condition where everything needs to be under the controlled supervision of some other person and a constant care is required for such persons.

    It is believed that after the age of 40 the nerve cells start decaying at the rate of 1000 nerve cell per hour and it keeps on increasing. In cases where the rate of decay of nerve cells is very high and disease known as Alzheimer takes place at such place and they are unable to recognize anyone and cannot lead a normal life. 

    There is no medicine in any system for stopping the decay of these nerve cells but Zyropathy has developed the special combination of supplement for the Alzheimer’s patient wherein we strengthen the nerve cells, it enhance the energy level, we provide millenation to the nerve cells and thereby improving the strengthening the nerve cell as it becomes stronger the rate of the decay reduces progressively as it reduces, the current and the past memory the brain starts regaining that and it is possible through these combination of supplements we can support every Alzheimer patient and they can lead to the healthy normal lives. 

    Zyropathy has treated such patients and most of them are leading towards normal people along with the support of some of the supplements after the recovery. The recovery in each case may vary; it can be anywhere around 60% – 100% but later maintenance is must. Once a person has recovered from this ailment and gained a substantial memory to survive and live a normal life he needs to continue some of the supplements for rest of the life so that the rate of decay of nerve cell does not increase and person doesn’t get into such severe condition again and is able to lead towards a normal and healthy life allow with his family to get in peace because that continues attendance is not required in such cases.

    While Zyropathy recommends these home grown medicines, it also supports that natural sources of nutrients can also be effective against the disease.

    It is suggested to consume coconut oil, which is rich in Caprylic acid, a fatty acid that is broken into protein ketone by the human body, it is a similar protein that is used in a drug called Ketasyn. Also, it has been found that increase in calcium intake is beneficial. Experts advocate coral calcium as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. Coral calcium is derived from seashells and sea life, which is also rich in other minerals. 

    Aromatherapy using essential oil is considered effective. According to a study rosemary, lemon, lavender and orange oils are good but should never be applied directly on the skin. It must be diluted with carrier oil such as almond or coconut oil. 

    In terms of food, fatty fish, nuts, turmeric and avocados are considered good for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. Avocados are a powerhouse of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, vitamin K, which are needed for improving and maintaining good brain health. These fruits help in improving the cognitive function of the brain. It boosts your memory and concentration power. Pumpkin seeds are also highly effective in relieving stress levels and improving mood. They are rich in magnesium, copper and zinc. These minerals are essential in improving and boosting brain functions.

    You may also eat dark berries, as they are low in fat and considered as the ultimate source of antioxidants. They have flavonoids that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids not only reduce inflammation in the brain but also prevent the risk of inflammation.

    Last, but not the least is dark chocolate, which are filled with cocoa flavanols that have several health benefits. The flavanols present in dark chocolate is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Moderate consumption of dark chocolate is considered good for heart and brain health.


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