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FiloMilo launches its Kennel wash for your beloved pooches

Chennai : When you are a dog parent your first responsibility is to maintain your canine’s hygiene. Cleaning the kennel is the primary need and to ease your cause TABPS Pets Pvt. Ltd has come up with its Filomilo Kennel Wash for all dog owners. The launch took place in a Dog Show recently held in Ooty.

Made from sandalwood oil this product is 100% natural chemical-free ayurvedic extract for both dogs and cats. The formula works as a shield that protects your pet’s body from ticks. Totally safe on the skin, hair, ears, etc. Just add two caps to a bucket of water and clean the entire kennel to remove foul smells and body or urine odour.  The product is tested for effectiveness in government-approved labs which testifies that an accidental licking will not affect at all and also it is safe for the kennel keeper. Remember to store the wash at room temperature and unexposed to sunlight, away from pets, children and people who have nothing to do with pets. In case of accidental mixing with pet food will not affect at all.

Brindha Prabhu, Co-Founder, Tabps, Pvt Ltd quoted at the event “We are happy to launch our kennel wash in the South India kennel dog show. The kennel wash really got very good feedback from the visitors/distributors. Since the kennel wash is made up of ayurvedic ingredients which makes our product stands unique in the market and it is 100% safe if the pet licks it also nothing will happen to them as well safe for humans also. Having around 600 dog participants in the event we are so happy to launch our kennel wash in such a wonderful and massive event. She also added we had our customers visiting our stalls and they were giving feedback on how the dogs loved Filomilo biscuits and it was helping them for training purposes”.

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