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Fime and Aurionpro Transit Announce Strategic Collaboration in Transit Ticketing and Payment Solutions

 Mumbai/Singapore –  : Fime, a leading provider of consulting and testing services for payment systems and Aurionpro Transit, an Aurionpro subsidiary and a global leader in transit ticketing solutions, have announced a strategic collaboration to explore opportunities in the field of transit ticketing, payments, and fare collection projects worldwide.

With a shared vision to revolutionize transit experiences, the collaboration aims to harness the collective expertise and resources of Fime and Aurionpro Transit to meet the dynamic needs of public transport operators and authorities worldwide. Through meticulously crafted initiatives, the partnership aspires to serve as a catalyst for change, propelling the transportation industry toward a future defined by innovation and efficiency. Central to this collaboration is the commitment to educate and empower key stakeholders within the public transport sector. Fime and Aurionpro Transit will jointly undertake initiatives aimed at enlightening industry stakeholders about the transformative potential of emerging technologies in transit ticketing and fare collection.

“We are excited to partner with Aurionpro Transit to advance innovation in transit ticketing and payment solutions,” said Angaj Bhandari, VP – MEA, India & South Asia at Fime. “By leveraging our collective knowledge and resources, we aim to empower public transport bodies with the information and tools they need to embrace new technologies and enhance the passenger experience. Our combined efforts are directed toward contributing to the evolution and improvement of transit ticketing and payment solutions on a global scale.”

“We are committed to driving positive change in the transit industry by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange,” said Sanjay Bali, CEO, at Aurionpro Transit Pte. Ltd. “Through this strategic collaboration with Fime, our goal is to advocate for best practices and help public transport operators embrace innovative solutions that benefit passengers and stakeholders alike.”

Both organizations will endeavour to utilize each other’s services as preferred partners, leveraging their respective competencies to deliver comprehensive solutions to clients.

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