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  • Find Exclusive Insights Into Kriti Sanon’s Remarkable Journey From National Award Winner To Producer In Femina’s June 2024 Issue

    Published on June 24, 2024

       From winning the National Award within a decade of her debut to venturing into production, actor Kriti Sanon has achieved remarkable milestones. Her journey is very like a Bollywood saga. An engineering graduate from Delhi with three job offers in hand, she chose to pursue her cinematic dreams in Mumbai. Her breakthrough came with Heropanti, and she quickly established herself with a diverse array of roles in films such as Dilwale and Raabta. Kriti’s commitment to her roles is most evident in her National Award-winning performance in Mimi, for which she gained 15 kilos to portray a woman from Rajasthan who becomes a surrogate mother to fund her dream of becoming a Bollywood heroine. In the June 2024 edition of Femina, she opens up about her journey, achievements and future aspirations, sharing insights into her evolution as an artist and a multifaceted talent.

    Reflecting on her career, Kriti reveals, “I remained dedicated to my craft, and, gradually, opportunities began to grow as success followed. Through all the highs and lows during the last decade, I’ve arrived at a point where my sole focus is to do work that really excites me.”

    Talking about her National Award-winning film Mimi, she adds, “There are some films that kind of open you up. A sort of release happens and, suddenly, you discover a little more about yourself. I think that happened with Mimi.”

    About the kind of stories she wants to be associated with, Kriti shares, “I love a genuine, heartfelt and deeply passionate love story – a genre that not many people are writing these days. I really want someone to give me a great love story! Comedy also holds a special place in my heart; it’s been integral to some of the most defining films of my career. I’d love to do an out-and-out comedy that also has some heart in it. Thrillers intrigue me as well, though they are really tricky to write. I’d love to play a complex, grey character – a departure from my own goody-two shoes persona.”


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