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  • Finding A Path To Better Working Conditions For US-Bound Workers

    Published on March 25, 2021

    Indian migrant workers form a crucial part of the US labor force, whether that be in high-tech industries or construction, and the past 18 months has seen a huge dent in their numbers. CNBC estimates that hundreds of thousands have been impacted by an inability to re-enter the USA, and this problem will only grow as newly unemployed Indians look for new opportunities. As lockdowns ease and America looks to replenish its labor market, migrants may find themselves in a better situation.

    Migrant work risks
    When observed holistically, migrant workers face a greater risk of injury than any other group of workers globally. This conclusion, established by The Lancet in 2019, includes workers in unskilled and high-tech labor, due to a range of factors. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a construction accident to involve migrant workers, including Indians, who then require recourse to legal justice in order to ensure they receive fair restitution. However, this can often be difficult in a foreign country with a sometimes oblique justice system. The new demand for labor is allowing Indian workers to tip the scales somewhat.

    Demanding a better deal
    The Financial Express espouses this view. Noting that migrant workers of all types are crucial to the running of key industries like agriculture, construction, healthcare and tech, they have highlighted the need for a better deal for migrant workers. This includes improving safety, improving remuneration, and improving access to residency and citizenship over the long-haul. Indications are that politics are moving in a positive direction.

    Positive views
    In February, the Times of India reported that the Biden administration would seek to improve the chances of Indian migrants in the USA through its immigration bill – despite protest against this move within the USA. This need for more workers through all forms of migrant work routes is a strong indication as to the power of the migrant worker bloc and how it is influencing US policy. This should result in a better, safer deal for Indian migrant workers in the USA.

    All of this points towards a better future for Indians working in the USA. Safer conditions, better pay, and better routes to long residency or citizenship are among the potential benefits. Just as America presents opportunities to Indian workers, so too does the USA rely on the country’s labor to remain productive.