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  • Tuesday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:00:18
  • The actor’s Pan India connect, especially with Fino’s TG, in sync with the brand’s appeal

    Mumbai : Fino Payments Bank Limited (FPBL), a fintech for emerging India customers will now work with actor Pankaj Tripathias its brand ambassador.

    During the two-year engagement effective 1st September 2021, Pankaj Tripathi will be the face of Fino Payments Bank’s marketing campaigns across various platforms. He will work with the brand in promoting its products and services representing through Fino’s ever present and friendly neighbourhood local banker –Hamesha available!

    “This is Fino’s first ever opportunity to have a brand ambassador, a milestone in itself”, said Rishi Gupta, MD & CEO, Fino Payments Bank. “We are extremely pleasedto have Pankaj Tripathi, a celebrated artist, as our brand ambassador. Pankaj’s personality resonates our brand values and we believe the association will goa long way in not only achieving the desired top of the mind brand recall but also in bringing about a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour towards the adoption of digital banking.”

    Sharing his thoughts on associating with Fino Payments Bank, Pankaj Tripathi said,   “When I heard about Fino’s ‘Fi-kar No-t’approachI was instantly connected to it as that is how I have lived my life. I owe my success perhaps to this way of thinking and that’s why I immediately agreed to associate with the brand. I want to thank Fino Payments Bank and the agency for choosing me as the face of Fino brand that I could so relate to. I wish them the best of future.”

    “The most important step on who would personify the brand, is the match between the brand’s attributes and those of the celebrity”, said Anand Bhatia, CMO, Fino Payments Bank. “Pankaj Tripathi brings to the table a pan India connect and an appeal that is in sync with Fino Payments Bank’s values of being grounded, real, sincere, honest, competent and hardworking.His clear focus on creating social awareness through his endorsements connects well with Fino’s socially inclusive business, making him a perfect brand fit. He is a self-made man, just like our self-made bank.”

    Pankaj Tripathi will be the face of Fino’s first ‘Fikar Not’ campaign conceptualised to allay the fears, especially confidence issues associated with the banking process. Fino believes its customers should not have any ‘Fikar’ or worry when doing banking. In fact ‘FI-kar NO-t ‘is in its name!

    Bridging India and Bharat – brand connect

    Pankaj Tripathi’s success story of a small town guy making it big on his own blends well with the aspirations of Fino’s target group. 

    FPBL’s target segment, the emerging India customer is someone who has low levels of financial literacy, technology use, lacks financial inclusion and typically does not have access to basic banking services.

    Fino’s merchants serve the banking and financial needs of this segment by offering assisted services through the phygital delivery model. They not only address the pain points of the customers but also help them migrate from offline activity to online activity.

    On this front, Pankaj’s rich repertoire of rustic, familiar and relatable characters across Hindi and regional films ring a bell!