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  • First Cohort of Krea University celebrates India’s 73rdIndependence Day

    Published on August 15, 2019

    Sri City: 114 excited students along with faculty and guest speakers gathered today morning at the Krea University Campus at Sri City to hoist the national flag celebrating India’s 73rdIndependence Day. Krea University, a leading liberal arts and sciences university pioneering ‘Interwoven Learning’ is in the process of inducting its first cohort of undergraduate students at its School of Interwoven Arts and Science at Sri City.

    The flag hoisting and special address was delivered by Air Marshal M. Matheswaran. In his address to the gathered audience he stressed the importance of understanding how to build a great nation and said, “I am immensely happy to hear of a fundamental change in the approach to education that is coming near Chennai in the form of a Liberal Arts education. I congratulate all the new students and I think it is extremely important that future leaders of our great country have a strong inter disciplinary liberal arts format as the foundation on which you can base your future career on. Most countries ensure that the awareness of a country’s interest, history, civilizational and military aspects are well understood by the younger generation. When you come to an institution like Krea, that places a great deal of emphasis on Inter disciplinary studies, it gives each student the best opportunity to understand these issues far better.”

    He further added that, “This is an age dominated by developmental and societal issues coupled with disruptive technologies. You need to master these aspects. The years that you spend here and the values that you imbibe here, will go a long way in how you play out your roles in the careers you choose once you move out of here.”

    As a part of the orientation week and the occasion, students were enriched listening to Gopalkrishan Gandhi, retired IAS officer and diplomat, who was the 23rd Governor of West Bengal serving from 2004 to 2009 and the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

    “All of us have a role to play in the development of this great country. In fact, the first three words of our national anthem reinforces this, where Jana refers to people, Gana, collectively to all of us and Mana, which is the mind of India. Today is a new beginning for all you students. I congratulate you. It’s the beginning of a new day for you in the search for your own future. Being here as a student is your choice. You have chosen to take control of your destiny. The first and most potent aspect in Life – The exercise of choice to mark ones intellectual birth is a moment to cherish.” Mr. Gandhi said.

    Post the session, students and faculty under the leadership of Prof. Bharat Sundaram, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences planted 200 plants around the campus under the ‘every tree counts’ initiative. This tree planting exercise will not just stop at planting but involve the nurturing of these trees by the students to hand over a green campus to future students and to also bring home the vital importance of having abundant green cover in the urban context. This is one  step among many that Krea University will undertake towards promoting sustainability and inculcating a sense of responsibility to the future.

    Over the week, eminent personalities including Amala Akkineni, Kartik Shanker, Srikumar Subramanian, Anushka Meenakshi and Iswar Srikumar, among others, have and will address the new cohort on a variety of thought provoking topics such as ‘Creativity in the Age of Automation’, ‘Balancing Human and Environmental Needs’, ‘How to Lead a Good Life’, ‘Making the Most of College Life’, ‘Co-Kreating Our Future’ etc, in a unique, one of its kind, orientation week.