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  • First Of A Kind Surgery Performed Successfully At Manipal Hospitals On A 15-Year-Old Boy Suffering With Rareosteopetrosis

    Published on September 17, 2021

    Vijayawada : Manipal Hospital, Vijayawada, has successfully completed the treatment of a 15-year-old boy, K. Harsha Vardhan, suffering from a rare genetic disease called Osteopetrosis or Albers-Schönberg disease. The patient consulted Dr. Ravikanth Vuppu, Consultant Neuro surgeon, who initially diagnosed the disease and referred him to Dr. VVK Sandeep, Consultant – ENT Specialist for further examination.

    Speaking about the case, Dr VVK Sandeep, said, “The patient came to us in a state of potential vision loss in both eyes and less physical growth. He was experiencing problems like pain in the left eye and headache for the past two months and a history of Hydrocephalus (abnormal build-up of fluid in the ventricles deep within the brain). He also underwent a Laparotomy midgut volvulus reduction (to treat intestinal abnormalities) and Ladd’s procedure (straightening of the intestine) in 2006. We treated the patient through Optic Nerve Decompression with endoscopy and neuro navigation guidance.”

    Adding to this Dr. Sudhakar Kantipudi, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, said, “This is a rare disease seen in 1 in 500,000 people and is the first-of-its-kind to be treated in Andhra Pradesh. I would like to appreciate Dr VVK Sandeep and his team for the successful surgery, and bringing the patient back to stable condition. Manipal Hospitals, Vijayawada, is equipped with all the facilities needed to treat any kind of health problems or complications without the need for patients to travel out of the city for these treatments.”

    Ms. Venkata Lakshmi, mother of Harsh Vardhan said, “My son was facing many problems since childhood. He used to have constant headaches, pus coming out of ears, and constant running nose. We went around many hospitals to treat these complications but the problem would come back again. When we met Dr. Ravikanth, he recommended us to visit Dr. Sandeep who made sure that the surgery was a successful one. We will forever be indebted to Dr. Sandeep and the doctors of Manipal Hospitals for saving my son and getting him back to a normal and a healthier state.”

    The team of doctors also included Dr. Sudheer Kumar, Consultant Neuro surgeon. The boy is stable now and has been discharged post necessary examination. The doctors will be monitoring the patients constantly for the next few days.


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