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    Fit Factor Winner Rakesh C Wadhwa Explain His Expert Tips To Become an Aesthetic Bodybuilder.

    Published on March 7, 2021

    In-conversation with Rakesh C Wadhwa, one of India’s most celebrated and attractive vegetarian bodybuilders who has proved his mettle in various national and international competitions shares his top tips to become an aesthetic bodybuilder for anyone who aspires to build that alluring physique. Rakesh C Wadhwa is well known personality in national fitness industry and also known as Rakesh Wadhwa.

    What is your definition of being aesthetic as a bodybuilder?

    “My definition of aesthetics is more like the old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane, where each muscle is in proper proportion, these days most bodybuilders have an asymmetrical shape, with that I mean that the waist is not smaller and the upper body is massive or only legs are huge and the upper body is tiny, I think aesthetics in bodybuilding means when you walk on the beach and your entire physique looks properly worked upon, it is essential for bodybuilders to train upon each muscle to get that perfect aesthetic shape.”

    How do you think the youth should train to acquire an aesthetic body?

    “Concentrating on each and every muscle is the key, hence the first step becomes the proper analysis of your body to ascertain which part needs more training to get the entire body on the same plane, for example if due to genetics your biceps are not growing as compared to your chest, then you need to work upon your biceps twice a week and on your chest once a week, this way you can ensure that your overall body is training in unison to the needs of each muscle which will eventually help you build a body which is symmetrically aligned and not over or under trained from any place”

    What are the major foods that one should consume in order to achieve that dream body?

    “It totally depends upon your fitness goal, it’s all the game of calories in and calories out, if you  want to gain then your intake of calories should be more than you burn, that will be the point when you start gaining, if your fitness goal is to become lean then the amount of calories you consume should be less than what you burn. This rule is for people in general, for bodybuilders, one must have a proper proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to achieve that dream body, at the same time, since these are macronutrients, people should also focus on micronutrients, another most important point is having specific timings for meals which should not be missed, to have a well built gut one should always avoid eating too much in one go, it is better if you eat small meals frequently”

    What are your top guidelines for building an aesthetic body?

    “I believe the biggest advice which I would want to stress upon will be to work out throughout the year, most bodybuilders today stop going to the gym in off season or at times when there are no active competitions going on and they don’t follow the proper diet, due to which their belly starts to come out and they think that they can build that in on-seasons, but consistency is the key in bodybuilding.

    After working in the offseasons as well, people should also concentrate on their waistline otherwise they will struggle with broader waistlines, vacuum workouts and planks are quite effective for the waist, if this doesn’t help much then they can use waist trimmers.

    Offseason is the best time to put special focus on your weak body parts, on season bodybuilders are on calorie deficit, so it becomes difficult to gain the muscle, therefore off season becomes the best time to work upon the weak muscles to make them bigger, other things that should not be compromised with is proper sleep, working out throughout the year should be made an important point”

    These were the golden words of wisdom from one of India’s most trusted vegetarian bodybuilders to how bodybuilding aspirants can develop a well balanced body by keeping certain key aspects in place.

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