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  • Monday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:58:10
  • When we think of all the good things in life, a warm, fuzzy friendship and a sparkling, precious diamond will most likely top the list for most of us. Their soothing presence brings unadulterated happiness and joy in our lives, reminding us constantly that despite all the odds, life is indeed, beautiful. Just like the most rare, precious natural diamond goes through obstacles through billions of years before it is even worthy of adorning your body, so does true friendship stand the test of time and trials to become your most valuable asset.

    Here are five reasons by Forevermark why BFFs are as precious as diamonds, and therefore, need to be celebrated with aplomb:

    1. Symbol of Love and Affection: For centuries, diamonds have been aspired for and bought as a symbol of love and affection for dear ones. True friends are hard to come by but when you luck out with one, make sure to never let them go. Treat them with care, because their presence in your life tells you that you are special and loved. Each time you look at a diamond, doesn’t it remind you that it’s made a lifetime commitment to stay by your side always, just like all BFFs do.

    2. The Sparkle: What’s life without a little shimmer and sparkle? You can always rely on your gleaming diamond and the twinkling aura of your BFF to light up any dull moment or a bad day. To have that one person you can count on through trying times is the greatest gift of friendship, so similar to the brilliance of the diamond fire that captures and reflects light even in the darkest night.

    3. The Only One: You’d think that if only we could clone all the wonderful people and things in life, what a joy living would be! That’s no fun, though. Just like no two humans, snowflakes and even diamonds are alike, your custom-made BFF too is irreplaceable and unique. You’ll never find another one as rare and precious, so celebrate them.

    4. Cheerleaders for Life: When you’ve achieved the impossible or crossed a difficult milestone or accomplished something no one thought you would, or even made a lifetime promise or commitment to a partner, it’s time to seal the moment and ring in your ‘forever’ cheerleaders— your best friend or your diamond. Both will never let you down and keep you on a high always.  

    5. Lasting Forever: Never take your best friend or your diamond for granted even though they will stick by you through thick and thin and last forever. After all, they’re both made of tough stuff! While a diamond is indestructible, your BFFs do need all the tender, loving care in the world, so celebrate your true friends, hold on to them with dear life and give back what you take in your own little way.