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  • Monday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:09:46
  • ~An online hangout meant exclusively for FLAME’s alumni

    Pune : FLAME University, a pioneer of liberal education in India has launched its alumni network portal, called ‘FLAME AlumNet’. The portal will serve as a professional and personal networking channel for FLAME University’s alumni. FLAME AlumNet is an online hangout meant exclusively for FLAME’s alumni, which will help enable them to stay in touch with each other and with FLAME. The key role of the portal is to provide a platform that will facilitate and enable former students to continuously be involved in the ongoing activities and life of the university.

    FLAME AlumNet will provide a networking platform where alumni can share memories and personal updates, provide and receive mentoring and job or internship referrals from fellow alumni and create and join special interest groups based on their geography or special interests. Through the platform, alumni can also access FLAME’s resources, and spread awareness about and grow their entrepreneurial or freelance ventures through the ‘Business Directory’ feature.

    Another exciting feature of the FLAME AlumNet is the peer-to-peer ‘Mentoring’ tool that facilitates customized match-making between mentors and mentees, based on their educational and professional profiles.

    Announcing the launch, Dr. Dishan Kamdar, Vice Chancellor, FLAME University says, “The power and of an alumni network in enabling a professional’s career success is well-known.  FLAME AlumNet has been created to support the aspirations of our young alumni and to provide a platform to meet their knowledge, professional and business needs as they grow in their careers.   At FLAME University, we believe that this initiative is an investment in supporting and shaping our alumni’s future growth and building closer ties between them and their alma mater for life.”

    The FLAME AlumNet community portal, will serve as a vehicle that will strive for the continual improvement of alumni on an individual and collective basis through the process of networking and role modelling. FLAME University is confident that this platform will have a positive impact on the success and growth of its alumni in multiple aspects.

    The network, as it evolves, is expected to build and maintain a respectful relationship with the larger community, wherein every individual member of the network is an ambassador supporting the vision and mission of FLAME.