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Flipshope: India’s Most Downloaded Extension

Flipshope has set a benchmark in online shopping extensions with the most downloads and helping people save their money and time smartly. It is a startup that is based in Jaipur and Bangalore. Their team is constantly working to make a better experience for the users and enable them to save as much as possible.

As we know, this pandemic has changed everything we used to do, and these days, people are more into online shopping, which is safer than going out in the market. But the online shopping is becoming very hectic these days for users who are facing a financial crisis. Everybody wants to shop for the best available products at a discounted price. Here comes Flipshope, which works 24×7 to save users’ money and time; their AI powered tool brings the best available coupons and vouchers to one place for the users. Flipshope`s ‘Auto Apply Coupon’ and ‘Price Tracker’ feature enables the users to have the desired products at a discounted price without trouble.


To provide their best services to the users, Flipshope has collaborated with over 200 online platforms Amazon, Make my Trip, OnePlus, etc. Helping the shoppers in every field like food, travel, clothing with the best offers for their online purchases is an assertion to this effort. 


Their journey has been an inspiration to the others in the market. When the Founders Ashutosh Goyal and Gaurav Kumar were studying in IIT Kharagpur, they always wanted to change the face of online shopping to help people save their money and time. At that time, they originally had the idea of this revolutionary startup, and their hard work paid off. They launched the Project named ‘Flipshope’ from a 100sqft hostel room. During their initial days, the duo also had terrible debts and faced a considerable cash crisis, but they didn’t consider it a failure; instead, they worked with satiety enthusiasm and launched the Google Chrome Extension of Flipshope on October 1, 2014.  

The Founders transformed Flipshope from a modest beginning as an AI-based platform, serving the users as an innovative online service provider and maintaining growth and profitability without needing outside capital since the very beginning.

Now Flipshope has become one of the fastest-growing extensions in its domain. Their team at Flipshope have always been working to solve the burning problems of the users since the very beginning and has given better services than their competitors since 2014. They have crossed 2 million downloads in 2019 and became the most downloaded extension in this category of Domains

Flipshope is a highly growing company, and they are planning to expand in the other markets also. The Company is on their way to being a ubiquitous brand in India; 200K 

visits a month, the most downloaded chrome extension within the online shopping category, They are doing well, but this is nowhere near their goal of being used by every Indian shopper for every single purchase they make.          

 Message to the Customers

“The goal when we created the Flipshope was the same as it is today; to assist people gracefully. We see every user as a part of our family. Everyone here at ‘Flipshope’ loves to know that our customers enjoy what we do. We are always trying our best to make your experience memorable, and we are glad that we have achieved it.        


We want to provide you with the best experience possible. We at ‘Flipshope’ genuinely appreciate your negative and positive reviews equally. We are so grateful for the trust you have placed in us in the past few years. Please keep supporting us, and we promise you to deliver our best services consistently,” said Ashutosh Goyal (CEO).

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