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  • Focus On Your Child’s Personal And Psychological Development With Top 5 Play Schools

    Published on May 31, 2024

    Choosing the right play school for your child can be difficult. Play schools lay the educational foundation for your child, so it’s important to find one that prioritizes development, safety, and overall well-being. To help, we have a list of the top 5 play schools that focus on both education and extracurricular activities.

    1. Bachpan Play School

    Since its inception in 2004, Bachpan Play School has led the way in education with fun and play-based learning methods for children. Beyond providing a strong academic foundation in preschool, it ensures a bright future and overall development for every child. The school offers skilled and experienced teachers who use innovative methods and tools to nurture the growth and development in a home-like environment.  The concept rooms, Montessori toys, and technologically advanced equipments help the kids to experience global stage surroundings where the child gets numerous opportunities to thrive. With over 1,200 branches in more than 400 cities, Bachpan is certainly making a difference in the pre-school education.

    • EuroKids

    EuroKids is part of the Lighthouse Learning Group, India’s top Early Childhood & K-12 Education group, supported by KKR Capital. The group aims to build a strong foundation for future generations through innovative teaching methods, appropriate technology, and a focus on child safety. With a ‘Child First’ philosophy at its core, it has set new standards in many areas, including enriching pedagogy, creating nurturing learning environments, using technology to enhance learning, providing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women, and leading in safety protocols for its students at preschools and schools.

    • Makoons

    Makoons Preschool has over 10 years of experience creating nurseries that cater to each child’s individual needs, talents, abilities, and interests. They believe in the importance of education to nurture intelligence through a unique curriculum that includes music, arts, science, technology, literacy, numeracy, and physical exploration. They see today’s children as tomorrow’s leaders. Moving from a teacher-led to a child-centered approach, their learning environment helps each child discover their unique learning style and realize their creative and aesthetic potential.

    • Kangaroo Kids

    In 1993, Kangaroo Kids International Preschool introduced a new learning approach, moving away from the traditional rote system to better prepare children for the information age. They believe children learn best when they have choices and a voice in a safe, supportive environment. Children thrive when cared for by people who prioritize their well-being and use proven, research-based teaching methods. Kangaroo Kids aims to bring the latest and most innovative teaching techniques to India and the world.

    • Podar Jumbo Kids

    KIDUCATION is the core belief of Podar Jumbo Kids Early Childhood Centers. This approach focuses on education from the child’s perspective, ensuring that activities and learning are relevant, developmentally appropriate, culturally specific, and hands-on. The Podar Education Network has a long and enduring legacy. For over eighty years, the Podar family has made education their mission and quality their priority. Today, Podar International Schools serve the educational needs of over 230,000 students annually across the nation.


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