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  • “For women to women” is my motto!

    Published on May 31, 2013


    mamtaIt seems she is born for the womenfolk.  Mamta, an entrepreneur with impeccable talent, dedicates her time and energy for causes concerning the weaker sex. “For women to women” is her slogan and works for their economic independence.  She  and her Blue Lotus are  fully dedicated to the welfare of women.  In a candid conversation with APN News  Mamta explains her object and intentions. Excerpts:

    What motivated you to begin Blue Lotus, any specific incident?

    Yes.My journey as an entrepreneur and the lack of support available at all levels for the majority in this country. Still we don’t brand traditional craft and bring about mass awareness through retail shelves it will not work. To ensure the craft lives, the brand needs to tell the story. Yes losing my first brand to dirty business practices, practiced by many. Blue Lotus is based on Blue Ocean Theory, which is about collaborations to create win -win for all…it isn’t a linear growth, it is a circular growth.

     How do you expect to promote/help the upcoming artisans and designers through Blue Lotus?

    We are creating retail platforms, out of the box retail platforms. We are the marketing and distribution and innovation arms for all the designers and artisans, we launch, we mentor, we support, we guide. We hope to finance too in the near future.

    What is the size of the business you have as of now?  

    Locations in terms of a Physical Store, we don’t have many. We work on retail & event format’s regularly so once it falls into a process we will be able to give a figure. I am not sure but the number of Employees would be about ten. In fact, we are working to add a new sale point on daily basis.This will be visible to the world by 2014-2015.

    How are you different from such similar organizations? Do you have any specific social agenda?

    Ye, we have a detailed social addenda. Empowerment, economic growth and financial stability of women are on top of our agenda. We work hard to provide quality of life for all those associated with us, directly or indirectly. We work on the Blue Ocean Strategy which refers to working in tandem with people & creating a niche’ for your products simply put. The motto of Blue Lotus is financial Sustainability for all & creating commercial viability for dying crafts & arts of India. The approach at Blue Lotus is very Holistic & is complete learning where we round of the Edges. It isn’t just an organization it is way of living.

    You declare that  “For women to women” is your motto. Do you take up issues related to women like women empowerment, atrocities on women etc?

    Sure. We are certainly concerned of all issues related to women. Our intention is to economically empower the womenfolk. What we have started is just the beginning of an elaborate mission. We now   put our efforts to empowering women working at the Stores, helping them learning a Skill Set.  Such efforts will help the women bring in money into their homes.

    Here the Women Designer’s/Entrepreneurs have a platform for launching their Brands, Products & getting mentored in the process as well.


    How do you plan to expand Blue Lotus?

    I am working with many NGO’s and Fair Trade Organizations and supporter of many women and organizations working for the cause of women empowerment etc



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