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Forescout Unveils Industry’s First Platform for Automated Cybersecurity Across the Digital Terrain

Forescout Technologies, the leader in automated cybersecurity, today unveiled the Forescout Continuum Platform, the industry’s first automated cybersecurity platform that continuously manages the risk posture of assets across an enterprise’s digital terrain, providing complete coverage of IT, OT, IoT and IoMT devices.

Modern enterprises in all industries – from healthcare and government to manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and agriculture – are experiencing a constantly fluctuating environment. This change, including device lifecycle, applications, people, device decay, software failures and acquisitions, drives misalignment with an organization’s security framework that creates a gap in security risk posture.

“Organizations are dealing with a new level of complexity amidst rapid growth in cyber assets and increased cybersecurity threats and attacks,” said Wael Mohamed, chief executive officer of Forescout. “Forescout’s Continuum Platform is a powerhouse solution. In addition to automating cybersecurity actions, Forescout is the only solution that delivers visibility and automation across all types of assets – IT, OT, IoT, IoMT – which collectively represent the digital terrain of your organization.”

Forescout’s new Continuum Platform is a cloud-based system offering data-powered insights to decrease total-cost-of-ownership while further accelerating real-time, continuous security automation. Continuum Platform maintains an organization’s security framework by automating the continuous discovery, assessment and governance for complete coverage of cyber assets to mitigate risk and drive business automation and efficiency.

“As a long-standing customer, we continue to be impressed by the technology innovation that Forescout brings to market. We are already getting a lot of value from the new Risk Scoring service. Forescout’s Continuum Platform is a high-value solution that will help us secure our entire environment, including traditional devices and the IoT and medical devices across our medical center, which includes two hospitals and schools of medicine, dentistry and nursing,” said Liza Gabay, CISO, Hadassah Medical Center. “Securing our digital terrain, keeping our patients safe and maintaining their medical information are our top priorities. Forescout is helping us on that journey with its automated cybersecurity platform.”

Forescout’s Continuum Platform adds new features that enables organizations to:

The Continuum Platform is an evolution of 20+ years of Forescout innovations that protect many of the world’s largest and most trusted organizations. The platform enhances customers’ security ecosystems with its bi-directional connectivity to dozens of third-party cybersecurity products, including vulnerability assessment, firewall, configuration management database and more, to provide workflow automation and supplement Forescout’s native discovery, assessment and governance capabilities.

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