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  • Founder of BBN Times, Badr Berrada is a Living Testament of A Foreigner Building a Digital Empire in London

    Published on March 8, 2021

    During the post COVID-19 era, just about everyone has started consuming digital information, videos, and even podcasts, with Clubhouse being the most recent example. 

    More often than not, those who’re trying to enter the digital industry, find it quite confusing how to go about things, and make a mark. More so, it can be quite a task for someone from outside of London, to create a stronghold in this country, but Badr Berrada from London has shown how it can be done within a span of just 3-4 years.

    Badr Berrada has become an eminent digital leader in London through BBN Times, and rising popularity of some of his best-selling books. Founded in 2017, BBN Times receives numerous applications from not just writers, leading scientists, and business executives to join the team.

    They’ve a strong community of almost half a million followers on Facebook too, and Badr’s journey is a living testament that someone with a drive to succeed in the digital market, can eventually do so, if they don’t give up.

    With a strong background in web development, SEO, business development and excellent customer service skills, Badr’s popularity continues to grow day by day, as BBN Times is growing as a global leading tech publication.

    No matter the challenges, his reputation today promotes how technology can inspire others, regardless of background, schooling, and past experience. The company’s core mission is to bring easy-to-read, accessible, and actionable news to readers without any biases.

    When asked about the USP of BBN Times, Badr was quoted as saying – “ No matter your background, you will always find relevant content to your needs. The BBN Times’ experts are amongst the world’s best qualified in their field. Badr Berrada is also proud of his origins by stating that Morocco is a country with a diverse culture and rich history.”

    BBN Times has also been featured amongst leading universities such as the likes of New York University (NYU), University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

    Looking at his roots, Badr hails from Morocco, and completed his degree from University of London Business School, and then went on to continue his education from prestigious London School of Economics (LSE).

    He recently co-authored the Growth Hacking Book 2 and is now working with a bunch of amazing authors on Innovating at Ten to inspire the young aspiring entrepreneurs who’ve big dreams, and are looking to do something extraordinary right from the nascent age of 10.

    BBN Times boasts of over 150 renowned industry experts as authors, covering articles and stories in various verticals ranging from technology, economic, business, science, entrepreneurship, societal issues and much more, 

    BBN Times has become a trusted source of information for CEOs, government officials, and key decision-makers over just 3 years, and continues to grow month on month. 


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