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  • Wednesday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:13:10
  • More than 15% of the world’s total population experience some form of disability. People with disabilities are subject to various barriers to social and economic inclusion like the inadequate access to physical environments, lack of assistive technology and equipment, lack of access to public and private services, various discrimination to ame a few. 

    There has been an xpotential commitment to ensure the elimination of barriers for people with disabilities. Technology plays a major role in it and there is a need for technological innovation to help them in leading a normal and comfortable life.Several startups have decided to make the everyday life of disabled people normal with their unique and interesting products. We have witnessed various startups which have stepped up to develop innovative solutions that empower people with disabilities. 

    Stamurai : It is a new age platform that provides world class speech therapy via its mobile app. It provides international quality speech therapy via mobile app. Stamurai follows the same treatment protocol as followed by therapists from US and UK. People can consult their therapist via video calls and practise their sessions on the app. Being an app which provides therapy sessions for stuttering, their main aim is to provide speech therapy accessible, affordable and high quality. Its stuttering therapy uses a combination of stuttering and fluency shaping strategies. It follows global treatment protocols followed by speech therapists in the US and UK. People can consult speech therapists via video call and practice techniques on the Stamurai app. It works on a two-pronged approach to drive its business – via mobile app and assisted therapy model. It has designed an extensive Guided Training Plan – customized for users to offer 15 minutes of daily practice. 

    Rise Legs : Based out of Bengaluru, which works on making cane prosthetic legs which can be customized according to the needs of the customers. So if any disabled person who wants to run or wants a creative design for their prosthetic legs, they can do it for you. This company was founded by Arun Cherian who was a robotics professional and he is working with various leaders of industry to build strong equipment for disabled people.

    Kick Start : It is a cab service startup which has started a service for people who are bound by wheel-chair to travel from one place to another without being dependent on their family and friends. The customized cabs are equipped to accommodate wheelchair users as well as those with disabilities and senior citizens. They also have trained drivers who help customers to board as well as get off the cab with no problem. 

    Valmiki by Oswald Labs : Founded in 2016, this startup created a free reading solution for people with dyslexia. It has a built-in feature which automatically adjusts to colour contrast ratio and typography according to the people suffering from learning or reading disorder. Also, they have developed accessibility features in their websites known as Agastya for web developers.