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  • Sunday, September, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:10:33
  • New Delhi :  Several business opportunities emerge out of stimulating talks with industry experts. This phenomenon is especially true to the Indian economy. As one of the fastest flourishing business economies of the world, finding gainful opportunities are sometimes just a meeting away. The moment you meet up with the right business partner, investor, franchisee owner, stake holder, landowner or prospective buyer of the business, your business deal stands a strong chance of achieving success. Entrepreneur Café to be introduced by Franchise India has also been conceived on the same lines.

    Entrepreneur Café is set to create a well defined and intellectual environment for these sets of target audiences who seek the right party to meet their required business needs.

    According to Mr. Gaurav Marya, Director, Franchise India, “Out of the total number of management school pass outs, every year nearly 60 percent of them are willing to start-up their own ventures despite the remaining 40 percent who are interested in seeking good jobs. Entrepreneur Café is an opportunity platform for aspiring entrepreneurs who are aiming to meet with industry experts or prospective businesses for investment etc in order to tap the right business opportunity at the right time.”  He further elaborated, “We are glad to be a part of such a fresh concept. It is going to be a hit in the industry for all emerging entrepreneurs who always wished for a platform like this. The first outlet is going to be set up in Gurgaon and we are further planning to launch 50 such cafes across India, primarily across Tier – 1& 2 cities.”

    Entrepreneur Cafe will help entrepreneurs operate on a larger business platform by accessing scaled economies, acquiring areas of expertise without hiring it, and growing with limited resources and investment. Adds Mr. Marya, Entrepreneur Café aims at building up a perfect ambience for businessmen who come in and gain great consultancy and implementation plans from industry experts to further strengthen their businesses or to access the right opportunity.”

    Entrepreneur Café is not just limited to the newly established businesses. In fact, it is a business prospect for already established businesses that are looking for potential investors, business partners for expansion, real estate to further penetrate its footprints, licensing rights to enter into the International arena or to grow penetration in the domestic markets etc.

    The Café will help individuals turn their business dreams and ideas into viable, small business realities. It will also promote a new lifestyle of entrepreneurship helping individuals achieve More Money, More Time, More Control and More Happiness.


    With all the business related ideas floating around, there will be a lot of exciting things to learn, research, and expand on your idea and overall business development.  No matter what field or industry you need to expose yourself to, the Café will give plenty of scope to understand how your business can add a unique touch to get and keep you on the map.

    Entrepreneur Café is a must for those who seek guidance, and do not get to connect with Industry experts for strengthening their concepts. The Café will provide them support to stay strong in spirit, continue to be motivated, and provide them mentors when they face  a lack of vision with valuable insight to further their business prospects.



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