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Frantel Biz becomes the India Associate with World Franchise Associates

Frantel Biz, India’s leading franchising company is proud to be associated with global franchising solutions organisation World Franchise Associates. The organisation consists of highly experienced professionals who have been the pioneers in helping new brands penetrate in markets such as Europe, North & South America, Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. With the signing up of the agreement between Frantel Biz and World Franchise Associates, this will be a great opportunity for myriad international brands looking to expand in India and tap the India market.

Commenting on the tie-up, Paul Cairnie, CEO, World Franchise Associates said,” India is a crucial market for most international brands; for us it means to help new brands gain access to the respective target audience in the India market. Our association with Frantel Biz will give us the edge to gain a foothold in India and expand presence PAN India in the coming years. Myriad brands are aspiring to acquire the South Asian market where India is a crucial market territory for most of the brands. Our aim is to help all such brands gain access to the Indian market and help expand their presence in their respective required regions.”

The association between the Indian franchising company Frantel Biz and World Franchise Associates will be a jump start for innovative brands to invest in India and make the most of it. Commenting on the tie-up, Tushar Jolly, Founder, Frantel Biz stated,” We are extremely happy to have associated with World Franchise Associates as it will help us gain a global recognition and give us the opportunity to help new international brands gain a foothold in the Indian market. India is considered to be a battleground for numerous brands from various verticals. Our aim will be to get the required recognition in the Indian market for all such innovative & new brands. We hope this association will be a mutual and beneficial turning point for both of us. Seeing the growth of the Indian franchise market the ever growing sectors for franchise business in India are food & beverages, beauty, healthcare; the growth of franchising is seeping into other sectors such as retail, medical equipments, pre-schools and pharmacy.”

The signed agreement between WFA and Frantel Biz will be a great launch pad for several international as well as Indian brands that will be looking to expand themselves in their respective markets. This is a great initiative which will fuel business between new US business brands and Indian brands alike creating a inflow of FDI in the Indian economy, thereby, ensuring to enhance the growth of the Indian economy. As per the recent IBEF report regarding the Indian franchising industry, franchising in India is robust owing to factors such as lower rate of failure, expanding market base and the rising demand for franchised business to name a few.

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