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  • Freshers’s Hiring Intent Grew From 10% In HY1 To 15% In HY2 In Travel And Hospitality Sector, Reveals Teamlease Edtech Career Outlook Report 2023

    Published on September 27, 2023

     TeamLease EdTech, India’s leading provider of learning and employability solutions, has recently unveiled a treasure trove of insights in its comprehensive Career Outlook Report HY2, 2023. This report delves deep into India’s fresher job market, casting a spotlight on the meteoric rise of dynamic sectors, with Travel and Hospitality as one of the sought-after sectors.

    Freshers often yearn for guidance on promising career avenues and courses that pave the way to success. On the occasion of World Tourism Day, TeamLease EdTech presents the top 5 job roles poised to shape the careers of Indian freshers within the vibrant Travel and Hospitality domain. These roles come paired with sought-after courses designed to empower them on an exciting journey toward success. This report reveals some interesting insights about the job market and states that intent to hire freshers in the Travel and Hospitality Sector stands at 15% for HY2 (July – December, 23). Moreover, the hiring sentiment grew from 10% in HY1 to 15% in HY2 2023, according to the report

    Hiring Trends – Job Roles

    F&B Associate: The role of Food and Beverage (F&B) Associate takes precedence as an attractive job opportunity within the Travel and Hospitality sector. Freshers interested in this role can consider enrolling in a “Certificate course in F&B Service.”

    Travel Consultant: The demand for Travel Consultants is on the rise, reflecting the resurgence of the tourism industry. Aspiring Travel Consultants can enhance their prospects by pursuing a “Certified Travel Counsellor” course.

    Event Coordinator: Event management is a thriving sector within Travel and Hospitality. Freshers aspiring to excel in this role can opt for a “Diploma in Event Management” to gain comprehensive training.

    Junior Chef: The culinary arts continue to offer promising career paths. Freshers interested in becoming a Junior Chef can enroll in a “Diploma in Culinary Arts” program.

    Business Development Executive: The Travel and Hospitality sector offers various business development opportunities. Aspiring professionals can equip themselves with essential skills through a “Business Strategy Development Course.”

    Shantanu Rooj, Founder & CEO of TeamLease EdTech, shared his thoughts on the findings, stating, “Our Career Outlook Report HY2, 2023, highlights the ever-changing landscape for freshers, with the Travel and Hospitality sector presenting bright prospects. We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering young professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in these promising roles.”

    This report underscores TeamLease EdTech’s unwavering dedication to providing freshers with invaluable career insights and educational pathways, ensuring they are well-prepared to embark on their journey into the workforce. The survey covers 737 small, medium, and large companies across 18 industries across India. The coverage is spread across 14 geographical areas [metros, tier-1, & tier-2] reflecting the hiring sentiment.


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