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  • Freudenberg Group enters the Indian wind energy market

    Published on October 20, 2011

    Chennai: The Freudenberg Group, a 5.4 billion Euros family company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services enters the fast growing Indian wind energy market with high-tech solutions from across the various operating companies in the group. The Indian wind energy sector’s current installed capacity is over 14,150 MW (as on March 31, 2011) which makes it the 5th largest market in the world. With on-shore utilization of wind energy for electricity generation estimated at 65,000 MW, India is clearly the market of the future. The Group plans to leverage its global leadership in the space where nearly every second wind turbine in the world features a seal product from Freudenberg. Suzlon Energy, the 5th largest wind turbine manufacturer globally and operator of the largest wind park in the world (of 584 MW in the Western Ghats of the state of Tamil Nadu) already is a customer of Freudenberg.

    Companies like Simrit and Klüber offer tailor-made seal and specialty lubricant solutions under the “Lube & Seal” brand. “This combination gives us a clear competitive edge. We have the competence needed for harmonized solutions within the Freudenberg Group,” said Michael Littig, Director- Sales, Simrit Energy Europe.

    Introduction of “Ventoguard”: The adverse environmental conditions hinder the capacity of the seal and lubricant in the long run. In order to overcome this impediment, materials scientists at Freudenberg Seals and Vibration Control Technology have developed a high performance material “Ventoguard’ that features greater temperature and ozone resistance, ensuring a longer service life. Ventoguard materials lower the minimum temperature from minus 30 to minus 40 degrees, significantly extending the range of applications, especially with respect to different locations and extreme temperature conditions. Another advantage is that the relaxation behavior of the material has been significantly improved which is important for effective sealing in the long term and in turn offers cost benefits.

    Introduction of a new series of release agents: Besides tailor made seals and lubricants from Simrit and Klüber, Chem-Trend, part of the Freudenberg Group, has developed a new series of release agents that offer outstanding performance when removing rotor blades from the mold. Wind turbine rotor blades play a significant role in energy efficiency. The design and shape of the blades have been optimized to meet steadily growing requirements for improved aerodynamics and the highest possible energy yields.

    Rotor blades are molded from a wide range of composite materials. With special release agents from Chem-Trend, it is easier to release the blades from the mold without damaging them, which was a cause of concern with regard to energy efficiency.

    Furthermore products from Freudenberg Nonwovens are used for composites (FRP) which are suited for surface protection and as core material in products such as pipes, tanks, container boards, facade panels, skis, surfboards, boats and even rotor blades for wind power stations. Surfacing nonwovens improve the resistance to both corrosion and abrasion defects. Core materials are used to reduce the weight and to increase mechanical strength which helps in cost cutting.