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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:12:16
  • The pandemic might have kept you apart from your friends, but these brands ensure you show them how much they mean to you and how much you miss them and the times you spent together.

    Insight Cosmetics

    The Diva Kit by Insight Cosmetics is the perfect gift for the always ‘ready to dress up and step out’ friend. You can customize the kit and make it the perfect makeup set for your friend. The free glitter bag is an added incentive, reminding you both that it will soon be safe to dress up and step out together.

    Europe Girl

    For the friend who spent the last two years learning new looks and makeup skills, we suggest the 40 color eye shadow palette by Europe Girl. It will give your friend the freedom to recreate any look she wishes to as she practices and perfects her lockdown learnt skills. After all, friends are supposed to support and encourage each other.

    Qraa Men

    A must gift to all your male friends, especially the Avengers fan, would be the Hulk Green Coffee Body Care Kit by Qraa Men. It is made especially for men who enjoy self-care and know what is good for their skin. So invite them for a virtual movie and skincare night as both of you indulge in a night of avenger movies and some green coffee skincare.

    Krishna’s Herbal & Ayuervda

    For the friend who needs a holiday but has sensitive skin, we recommend gifting Krishna’s Herbal & Ayuervda Aloe Vera Gel as a reminder that soon you will be out travelling together and with well cared for skin and a sunburn remedy already prepared.

    Lass Naturals

    Got a friend who is missing out on her spa days and spa treatments? We have the right gift suggestion for them. The Mango Passion Fruit Body Yogurt by Lass Naturals is perfect for making your skin feel spa-like pampering even as you stay indoors. Add on a scented candle and help her turn her room into her own personal spa.


    Remind your talkative friend how much you miss hearing their stories and tales in person by gifting them Namyaa’s lip care kit. The healthier her lips, the more she can talk and share.

    Gargee Designer’s

    For the fashionista friend, Gargee Designer’s has curated a beautiful Kurta, mask, and footwear hamper. Something that will give them the festive vibe for the upcoming festive season too.

    Dishis Designer Jewellery

    It’s no mean task to select a gift for your friend who is so close to your heart. It has to be meaningful, something that will make her special and also is utilitarian. Dishis Designer Jewellery has the perfect set of flower-shaped earrings for the friend who expresses herself through her jewellery.

    Annakoot By ISKCON Bangalore

    If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your friend, the healthy delight hamper by Annakoot by ISKCON Bangalore is an ideal gift to surprise your friend with. With an assortment of healthy treats and cookies, it shows precisely how much you miss your friends while reminding them to stay healthy and safe.

    Don’t let the pandemic ruin friendships day this year too. Instead, order the perfect gift set online and get it delivered to your friends as your way of reminding them how much you miss them.