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    From a School Failure to Founder of Angry Youth NGO, Inspiring Story of Pallu Gupta

    Published on March 18, 2021

    There are no Secrets to Success. It is the result of Preparation, Hard work, and Learning from Failure.

    This is not only a series of lines, Some people did it true and one of those is 27 years old Pallu Gupta also famous as Shubham Gupta, a youth hails from Meerut, UP.

    This is the Inspiring story of him when he was at the age of 17 in 2011 went to Cyber Cafe to check his Intermediate CBSE board exam result, but he got failed in mathematics. 

    He was fearing about his Father’s angry reaction, so he refused to go home instead he went to Railway station directly from the cafe and spent the whole day there thinking about his Failure.According to him he felt Suicidal till the half day, but then he started observing the worst life of homeless people living there. Children were Hungry and searching for the food. 
    They did not even have clothes and conditions were so unhygienic. Most of the parents were handicapped and helpless.Even there were people having Maggots in their Heads and Wounds. All these abnormal things made him realised that the real problem of life was not he was facing but it was that those people were facing.

    All those things made him went back to his home and from the very next day he started helping those people and their families. He made a welfare plan at individual level to help them.

    Meanwhile, he read about Saheed Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries which made him feel the need of a team. So, he Founded an NGO based on Saheed Bhagat Singh’s Ideology Angry Youth in 2012, in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He is the Founder and the National President of Angry Youth. Now his teams & branches are working in cities like Kanpur, Agra, Surat, Firozabaad, Gorakhpur, Mujaffarpur, Delhi, Mumbai etc.
    It has been almost 10 years of his involvement in social services. During this period more than 400 social events like Food Drives, Ration Donation Drives, Clothes Donation, Awareness Programs, Plantation Events, Health Care Events and other. have been organised by Angry Youth Team in Meerut and other Cities. 

    They are running many projects one of them is ” Parwah ” in which they donate Sanitary Pads to Women living in Slums during their Menstruation. Another Project is “Adopt the Hunger” in which they provide a Food kit on monthly basis to those people who are not physically or mentally capable to arrange their Food. 

    They are running free Classes under the Project “Padhoge likhoge to banoge Nawab” for underprivileged children to develop skills and other special Habits in them.

    During Corona Pandemic he along with his Team fed more than 1200 Migrants workers and needy people on the daily basis. Many of the Media Houses and other Social Organisations have honoured him for his contribution towards the society.

    He is an Advocate by Profession and want to be an IPS officer to make sure all the victims get justice.

    A lots of challenges have been faced by him during these last 10 years and one of them is to win the trust of the people to get involved in social services with Angry Youth as the Image of Social service based NGOs is not so good in the society. 

    The other challenge was Financial arrangements for the NGO in starting phase. One more challenge was to balance the studies and leading the Angry Youth as President at the same time, but nothing was able to stop him from helping needy people. He started alone at but now more than 1000 Youth directly and indirectly are contributing with him in the Social Services.

    The Vision of Angry Youth is that capable people want to help the needy but they do not have a Transparent, Practical and Honest medium to approach them. The NGO is working as a medium like Bridge between the capable and the needy, So that capable one can reach to the needy one through Angry youth and  help them.

    He named the NGO as Angry Youth because if anyone wants the positive change in the society then he has to have the Anger against the negative things exist in the society. Anger is always the first step of the change and the second may be Violence or Non-violence depends on the need of time like Mahatma Gandhi and Saheed Bhagat Singh. In Today’s world the need of time is only Non violence and that is the path he adopted. This is how the NGO got it’s name ANGRY YOUTH and Slogan The Pacifism Leading by Anger.