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    From College Dropout To Key Player In Media Entrepreneurship, Asli Daud’s Journey Is An Inspiration

    Published on June 10, 2021

    In the age of digital media, many people want to build a career in the industry but for Asli Daud, it was a different dream that kept him up at night. When he was young, he realised that there is nothing that he wants more than to be a master of his own destiny. Born, Abdullah Hanif Ahmed al Quraishi, the young businessman knew that the path he was picking would lead to a lot of troubles but he had the will to fight against the odds.

    Today he is the founder and Chairman of Asli Media Group and has worked with thousands of clients at both national and international level. Some of Asli Daud’s client list includes popular names like Kate Alexeeva, Chinar Grover, Digital Gurukul, Umair Awan and more.

    Asli Daud started his journey like millions of kids in the country and got into the prestigious University of Delhi, but soon he understood that his calling is elsewhere. Though he was still quite young, he dropped off and decided to invest his time and energy in understanding the world of digital media and branding.

    He has established himself as a social media influencer, brand manager, producer, media entrepreneur and more.

    According to Asli, “Even though it sounds like a terrible thing, I think quitting college was actually a great decision for me. It is not something I am recommending but I had a clear vision of who I wanted to be and how I can reach there. While everyone has their own paths, I believe the most important thing is to hustle every day and stop taking things for granted in life. It is easy to procrastinate but you have to try your best every day.”

    He is now occupied with his new project, a Bollywood entertainment website, Bollydad. The site has gotten a lot of attention in a short span of time.