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  • Wednesday, January, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:58:32
  • NEW YORK, N.Y.: On Tues., Nov. 8, 2016, the world watched a countdown begin to the inauguration of Donald Trump into the position of the highest ranking official of the United States and one of the most powerful leaders in the world.

    In “71 Days to Save the World: An Alternate View,” British author Robert Pins provides a satirical guide to survival, serving to extrapolate the argument of why the American electorate was given a choice between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Election.

    “Half of Americans failed to vote for either Trump or Clinton,” Pins said. “This book explores the current political system in America, during this urgent time between Trump’s declaration of triumph and inauguration, set against the backdrop of a nuclear apocalypse.”

    Pins also takes a reflective look at the condition of the planet in this book. Also subject to a timescale, plant and wildlife provide examples of the destruction caused by irresponsible growth and consumption of resources.

    “While Trump has the ability to destroy Earth with the press of a single command switch, as the most powerful man in the world,” Pins said, “the rest of man isn’t standing around idle as we subject our planet to the death of a trillion cuts.”