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  • From homeless to regretless: a success story

    Published on November 23, 2020

    “Serial-entrepreneur” Nathan Khider explores how the mistakes from his past taught him a new definition of true happiness and success.

    “I used to drive prostitutes around when I was homeless to make money” laughed 36 year old serial-entrepreneur Nathan Khider, business owner to multiple ventures such as YEN clothing London, PT Workspace and Ginger Beard Podcasts that has amounted to over a million views/listens.  

    He was wearing a hoodie by his own company YEN clothing, that had the Monopoly mascot sitting on a throne of cash printed on the front, a Rolex watch on one wrist and an Apple watch on the other. He radiated a happy-go-lucky vibe that complimented his bubbly, outgoing and positive personality that was distinguishable the moment we met in a café in Islington, London.

    Like many entrepreneurs, the path to having a successful career is often a long and bumpy journey. However, the definition of success changed after Khider fell into homelessness at the age of 21. He had 3 cars, 2 apartments and partied 7 days a week; that luxury fell through his fingertips in only three months, leaving him on the street. In 6 months, he managed to turn his life around and get back on his feet, where he started his journey as a business owner and redefined success and happiness.

    “What I thought success was back then was about earning money, friends liking me, having a good profile and having that superficial life. Success now is how happy I am on a daily basis.” It was inspiring to watch Khider express his belief on where happiness comes from and how important self-growth and identity is key in finding happiness. He recognizes that this is the hardest part in life but emphasizes that the lows in life allows us to change. Khider recognizes his past was motivated by greed: “it was all about me, me, me and how much money I can make.” Today, “to give back to people less fortunate than me, inspire and provide value to people who need it” is what drives him as a person and business owner.

    Khider expresses that homelessness was an experience he will never take back or change. “I have not one regret”. ‘Regret’ is a scary word for us humans, and it is almost impossible for anyone to live a life with no regrets. “There should be no such thing as regret.” Khider views regret as a way of inspiration and motivation and encourages people “to live in the moment. People don’t live in the moment; they all live in the past or live in the future. But what are you going to do right now? no one says what they are going to do now, and that is action.” Khider expresses that he identifies himself with the words ‘action’ and ‘hustle’, two words he has in his office. “I am both. I take action and I hustle every single day. Live in the now, try to make a different right now, and that will shape your past and your future.” 

    Can you imagine a world where impressing others doesn’t exist? A world where everybody is content and happy with what they have? A life with no regret? Most people can never dream of a world like this, however Khider seems to have redefined happiness and success to support and inspire a fulfilling life. “True success comes from happiness. Happiness does not come from materialistic things or through achieving something. Genuine happiness comes from being comfortable in your own skin. And that is the hardest work”. Khider believes everything is achievable and that everything you want is right in front of you. So, what are you searching for in a world with everything in front of you? You can find all of Khider’s details on his Instagram account @nathankhider

    Source : Victoria Phillips 


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