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  • From Krafton to Kukkiwon: YPO Mumbai Connect Explores Business and Culture in Seoul, South Korea

    Published on April 19, 2024

     Mumbai : The YPO Connect Mumbai Chapter’s annual meet in Seoul, South Korea, held from April 9 to 13 this year, served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders, diplomats, and changemakers to engage in meaningful dialogue and gain insights into the future of India-South Korea relations. The event, characterized by insightful discussions, exclusive talks, and inspiring narratives of human resilience, underscored the organization’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

    An insightful talk with Ambassador Amit Kumar, India’s distinguished Ambassador to the Republic of Korea was one of the top highlights of the event. Ambassador Kumar provided invaluable perspectives on the burgeoning India-Korea relationship, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the diplomatic landscape and opportunities for collaboration. Professor Song of Samsung, through his address on “The Samsung Way,” offered a glimpse into the company’s innovative strategies and global impact.

    The itinerary included a visit to Krafton, the driving force behind popular games such as Pub-G and Battlegrounds Mobile. This immersive experience provided the dignitaries with valuable insights into the dynamics of the gaming industry. Their meeting with CEO Changan Kim facilitated a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the booming gaming industry.

    Beyond the world of business, the trip fostered cultural understanding and personal growth. The participants had the opportunity to visit Jingwasa Temple and enjoy a private cherry blossom picnic, experiencing cherished traditions of Korean culture. They also had the chance to learn Taekwondo at Kukkiwon, a prestigious institution dedicated to the martial art form that had originated in South Korea.

    Additionally, A poignant session with North Korean defectors, Mrs. Lee So Yoen and Mr. Kim Heung Kwang, provided a reminder of the importance of human resilience and advocacy. Their stories resonated deeply with attendees, reinforcing the significance of promoting human rights and understanding diverse perspectives.

    According to Anand Kabra & Saurabh Varma, Directors and Active Liaison Officer (ALO) for the Mumbai chapter, the annual gathering in Seoul showcased the unwavering dedication of the YPO Connect Mumbai Chapter towards cultivating collaboration, innovation, and cultural interchange.

    Said Saurabh Varma, who is also the Founder & CEO of Wondrlab Network, “The South Korea meetup was a transformative experience, one that reminded me of the crucial role bravery plays in leadership,” reflected Saurabh. “Learning from the journeys of successful organizations, I realized the binary nature of leadership—where bold decisions can lead to either remarkable success or failure. In today’s fast-paced world, stagnation is not an option. Leaders must innovate and take calculated risks to stay ahead. I would like to thank Mr. Amit Kumar, Professor Song, Mrs. Lee So Yoen and Mr. Kim Heung Kwang, Changan Kim and his team at Krafton for sharing their incredible journeys and making our visit extremely memorable.”

    “This trip to South Korea offered valuable insights into the country’s business landscape and cultural heritage,” said Mr. Kabra, who is also the Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Kabra Extrusiontechnik. “Looking ahead, I believe there’s immense potential for partnerships between our Indian ventures and South Korean companies. By fostering closer ties, we can create a powerful platform for knowledge exchange and develop impactful initiatives that address challenges and opportunities on a global scale,” he added.


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