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  • DJ Emwee is a highly acclaimed DJ in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who has made a name for himself in the global music industry. He is widely recognized as one of the “Top 10 Dubai-based DJs setting wildest music scenes in 2023“, an “International multi-award winner”, and has been voted as one of “The Top 100 Hip-Hop DJs of the world.” DJ Emwee is known for his unique qualities, his vision for the Dubai music industry, and his efforts to address industry gaps.

    DJ Emwee’s journey began in 2003 when he was in 10th standard. He used to go to small private parties with his Guruji Nirmal Singh, who is also a DJ and owns an electronic shop in Vikas Nagar, Kusmunda in Chhattisgarh state. Nirmal Singh helped Emwee with his software issues during the initial days. DJ Emwee was intrigued by music, got his hands on the keyboard, and discovered his love for music. Since then he never looked back. He grew up listening to open-format music (Hip-hop, house, Bollywood, EDM etc) and started practising mixing tracks. His passion and dedication to music soon led him to his first DJ gig at a club in Dubai, where he quickly became a regular DJ. As he honed his skills, his popularity grew, started music production in 2009 and soon became one of the top DJs in the country.

    DJ Emwee stands out in the market due to his unique style and ability to connect with his audience. His music is all about creativity and novelty. He is known for his versatility, mixing various genres of music, including Hip-hop, Bollywood, EDM and house to create a distinct sound that appeals to people from all walks of life. Emwee’s passion for music is evident in his performances, and his ability to read the crowd and adjust his music accordingly sets him apart from his competitors.

    According to DJ Emwee, the Dubai music industry is headed in an exciting direction. With the influx of international artists and a growing local talent pool, the industry has a lot of potential. Emwee believes that the industry will continue to grow, with more opportunities for artists to showcase their talents and more support from the government and private sectors.

    When asked about his reasons for believing that it’s important to educate people about Djing, Emwee explained that his goal is to promote a deeper understanding of the art form. He emphasised that Djing is more than just playing one track after the other, which anyone can do. True Djing is a complex art that requires skill and effort. A Dj’s ability to seamlessly transition between tracks is crucial to their success. Emwee stressed that Djing is all about the art of mixing and hard work, rather than simply purchasing tracks and playing them.

    Moreover, DJ Emwee feels that there is a need for more support and recognition for local talent in the Dubai music industry. He believes that many talented artists in the country are not getting the recognition they deserve. Emwee is doing his part to address this gap by promoting local talent and collaborating with up-and-coming artists to help them gain exposure. He also believes that the government and private sectors need to provide more support and funding for local artists to help them grow and succeed in the industry.

    DJ Emwee’s journey and accomplishments are a testament to his talent and dedication to the music industry. His unique style, ability to connect with his audience and passion for music have set him apart from his competitors. Emwee is optimistic about the future of the Dubai music industry and is doing his part to address industry gaps and promote local talent. As a result, he has become an inspiration.

    In addition, DJ Emwee has performed with several renowned faces including Mohamed Ramadan, A.R Rehman, Imran Hashmi, Badshah, Raftaar, Honey Singh, Guru Randhawa, Imran Khan, Navv Inder, Ayushman Khurana, Neha Kakkar, Bombay Rockers, Shahrukh Khan, Kanika Kapoor and many more. Recognized for his Tagline, Experience The Live, DJ Emwee is the King Of Live Mixing.

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