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  • Saturday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:12:25
  • S18, the 24 hour brassiere at Radisson Blu MBD, Noida brings the traditional delights of the Viking nations alive on the plate with the exotic Scandinavian Food Festival. The festival celebrates the traditional favourites from the Scandic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. These countries are replete with the goodness of fresh natural ingredients, the bounty of the sea. Their culinary tradition has been immortalised in tales of valour of the fiery Vikings who created legends in these frozen lands. S18, a true adventure for the taste buds brings alive these very legends as part of its current culinary repertoire. S18, which has a brand new look changes across the day catering to a diverse set of diners looking for a quick lunch or an elaborate formal dinner. The refurbished charm has been accented with an elaborate new multi-cuisine menu which caters to a varied palate complements the truly cosmopolitan nature of S18.

    The Scandanavian way of cooking harks back to age old recipes which have been handed down through generations. The food is simple and yet replete with flavours. The fresh produce of the land has created dishes which offer the freshest of meats, seafood and vegetables. Start your culinary journey across this land of legends with an array of fresh salads like theRodbeet Sald, Green Beans salad with cocktail onion, Vastkustsallad – western coast salad, Sienisalaatti – forest mushroom salad with sour cream and pimiento. Smoked meats are a long standing Viking tradition, which comes alive with the Smoked Salmon with Asparagus, Smoked Ham with egg and onion. Other starters include the Leverpostej(Liver Pate on black bread with gherkin), Tomatsill (fish in tomato sauce), Fyllad Agghalvor – Stuffed eggs with anchovies, salmon and shrimp. Relish hot soups like Hotch Potch Soup with mutton, Ukha which is a fish soup and veggie lovers can enjoy Brotsuppe (Bread soup), Blanda Gron Soppa (Mixed green soup) etc. The main course offers some great seafood, with interesting fish dishes like Stek Fisk Med Citron Chili Sås (steak of fish with lemon chili sauce ), Pocherad Fisk I Vassle Mjölk (poached fish in whey milk) and Al I Karrysovs (Fish in curry Sauce). A variety of other meats are included with Kottbullar (meat balls with butter sauce), and Lamm Rulle Med Russin Och Havre(lamb roll with raisin and oats ). There is also a lot for vegetarians with Saute Mashroom Med Balsamvinäger ( mushroom with balasmic vinager) and Ost potatis (cheese potato).

    The dessert section boasts of choice delicacies from Sweden like the Jordgubbskram – Swedish Strawberry Compote with Cinnamon Cream and Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Some choice desserts from Norway and Denmark are  Rodgord med flode – Cloudberry Cream with Lavender and Vanilla, Red Berry dessert with Cream .

    Venue: S 18, Radisson Blu MBD, Noida

    Dinner: 7.30 – 11.30 pm

    Duration: 13th July- 22nd July, 2012


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