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  • From Truweight to Possible, the company targets transforming lives by helping people fight lifestyle diseases through right nutrition

    Published on January 14, 2021

    Bangalore: Reiterating the belief that ‘Nothing is Impossible’ while empowering people to lose weight by eating right, Truweight Wellness Pvt. Ltd, thenutrition-based healthcare company,has rebranded itself as ‘Possible’.With this transition, it aims to help 1 million more people in fighting lifestyle diseases. The brand will start servicing Pan-India in 2021.

    Founded in 2015, Truweight, now Possible, has a proven track record in changing the lives of many through diet-based weight loss programs to deal with lifestyle-related disorders. Their tailor-made programs have so far enabled approximately 40,000+ people in losing weight, managing diseases and starting a healthier life.

    Speaking on the development, Megha More, Co-founder and COO, Possible said, “In the last 5 years, what seemed impossible has been made possible by the sheer power of determination, team effort, and right guidance. The joy of empowering people to start the journey to good health is truly rewarding. Over the years, we have not just helped thousands of people in their weight-loss mission, but also managed seemingly irreversible conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, high cholesterol, thyroid, and obesity among many others. We are humbled that many of our clients have made healthy eating a part of their lifestyle.”

    Adding further, “Our mission is to help individuals live a disease-free life by using food as medicine. Therefore, we bring specially picked superfoods from around the world. The premium-quality ingredients such as spirulina, moringa, quinoa, and garcinia used in our products boost a healthy diet. We believe in providing the right nutrition by changing an individual’s food habits without compromising on the taste. With Possible, we’ll continue to do so and add more superfoods to our basket of offerings in years to come.”

    “We want to create India’s leading brand in the nutrition space. There are many companies in the unhealthy food space, but not a single big one in the healthy food space. We see that as a big opportunity. We believe food is the best medicine and we want to convert every kitchen into a pharmacy,” said Vishnu Saraf, Co-founder and CEO, Possible 

    As a research-driven and nutrition-based healthcare company, Possible believes that education on nutrition is lacking in our education system. The brand aspires to take the mantle of making India Nutri-literate. With customized health supervision, personal coaches, and nutrition-dense diets, Possible is teaching the psychology of food and nutrition, thereby helping individuals to live well and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

    With the change in name, the company also plans to start retailing its wide basket of healthy food products through its own website and through other marketplaces. 


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