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  • If you want to give the exterior of your home a quick update, then consider changing your front door colour. It almost instantly elevates your home’s curb appeal, grabbing the right attention of the people who are passing by your place or visiting your home. The best part about this project is that it allows you to unleash your creative side, and it is fairly simple. Let’s take a look at some color scheme ideas that work well with front doors.

    Go green: Like it is said, one can never go wrong with the color green! This color is touted as the color of balance and nature. If your exterior home colour is either butter yellow, gray, or shades of pink then a green colour front door will help you achieve a striking difference. If you are worried that the green color door will blend with your landscaping, then opt for a different shade of green like an emerald green that adds a royal, historic touch to your exterior, while staying distinctively different from the surroundings. Olive green is another colour that millennials love for it adds a sophisticated look to your home. Olive green front door pairs well with exteriors in earthy colors like brown, and tan. 

    Striking red: A lot of people are hesitant to indulge in bold red color because they are worried that it would make their home exterior look very loud. On the contrary, if your exterior has neutral sidings and stones, then a striking red color front door is just what you need to spice up the space. Can’t wait to try out the heritage red color on your front door, but unsure how the outcome will look like? Then go ahead and first explore the Asian paints catalogue and use the visualizer feature to upload the picture of your home exterior and try different hues of red virtually to pick the most suitable one for your front door.

    Cool aquarium blue:  If your exteriors are in crisp white, then painting your front door in a cool aquarium blue color will make your space look more inviting. The lighter hue of this color paints a beautiful picture when you combine it with exteriors that are in lime green or bright green color. Interior experts suggest combining a grape wine color exterior with a cool aquarium blue front door to make your home look bold and beautiful.

    Exclusive coral: If your thought the coral colours look only good on the interior walls, then wait until you paint your front door in this pretty, unique colour. The coral colour combines really with shades of blue, gray, black, and even beige exteriors. It makes your exterior look soothing yet stylish.

    Purple on the outside: If you want your house to stand out in the neighborhood, then try painting your front door a purple color. It brings a pleasant change to your curb. If you have your exterior painted in dark colors, then add a pop of light hue of purple like a lilac on the front door to make your home look whimsy and warm.

    Energetic orange: Colour orange is usually associated with energy and enthusiasm. A lot of people find it hard to pull off this colour, but if you have a cool gray exterior, then a bright energetic orange front door will brighten up your space a million times.

    Remember whatever colour you pick for your front door, it should complement the overall façade of the house. Never shy away from breaking stereotypes, trust your instincts when it comes to decorating and renovating your space.


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