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  • Fullerton India InstaLoan App: Get Instant Personal Loan Online

    Published on December 10, 2020

    Personal loans are the best when it comes to fuelling your cash flow in times of need. You don’t need to mention the reason for taking a personal loan to the lender. So, whether it is a health emergency, an urgent travel requirement or simply a cash-crisis, a personal loan can be your financial cushion. Thanks to the internet, availing personal loans is now much easier. There are many lending institutions offering personal loans at attractive rates online. You just have to log on to your lender’s portal, check your credit score and submit a form with your documents. If approved, your loan will be processed in no time. You can even download Fullerton India Instaloan App and get a loan on-the-go.

    Fullerton India offers one of the best instant loan apps in India. Fullerton App provides you with the option of applying and availing a personal loan in a few taps. Whether it is the middle of the night or between a busy workday, getting a personal loan requires little effort. Some of the features of the Instaloan app are:

    Important Features Of  Instaloan App Are:

    1. Get an instant personal loan amount to INR 25 lakhs minus any collateral requirements
    2. You can apply for a Fullerton India Personal loan at any time, anywhere in India
    3. Hassle-free documentation process where you only need to upload your necessary information and documents
    4. Completely digital process, with dynamic tracking status available.
    5. Quick disbursal of the sanctioned loan amount to your registered bank account within 30 minutes* of loan approval.

    Benefits of Choosing Fullerton India’s Instaloan App:

    1. Convenient: With the availability of the Instaloan app, you don’t need to spend hours waiting to meet with a representative. You don’t have to make appointments or take a break from your workday to fill out a single loan form. You can avail a personal loan instantly, in just a few taps. Along with the processing, you can track your loan, your balance amount, tenure and everything else through your online account on the app itself.
    2. Accessible: This personal loan application will not ask you for heavy documentation and running around. They will check your credit score, your repayment ability and disburse the loan to your account within 30 minutes* of approval. You can even get a quick personal loan with a low credit score but it might come with a higher interest rate.
    3. Pre-Approved Offers: You can avail the pre-approved offers on Fullerton India’s personal loans app. Which means that the lender will not waste your precious time in the approval process or heavy documentation. You can avail an instant personal loan and at an affordable rate. T
    4. Round-the-clock Service: As opposed to banks, who have fixed time schedules and several inhibitions, the Instaloan app is always available for service. This is especially beneficial in case of a late-night monetary emergency. You simply need a phone and an internet connection to avail an instant personal loan..
    5. Attractive Interest Rate: Fullerton India’s Instaloan app offers some of the most attractive interest rates on personal loans. In their bid to make personal loans accessible to a large audience, they offer lower interest rates than banks. If you have a high credit score, you can further lower your interest rates on the loans.

    Why Should You Choose Fullerton India as Your Lender for Personal Loan?

    Fullerton India offers attractive personal loans with an online personal loan EMI calculator, online disbursal, flexible tenures, reasonable interest rates and well-rounded services. Some of the features of Fullerton India’s Personal loans are:

    1. Personal Loans up to Rs. 25 Lakh* – At Fullerton India, the customers can borrow up to Rs. 25 lakhs*.
    2. Flexible and Attractive Interest Rates – The starting rate is 11.99%* for salaried and self-employed individuals with a maximum limit of 36%*.
    3. Hassle-free Documentation Process – The loan procedure is entirely paperless if the customers apply online.
    4. Quick Disbursal – After all checks are performed, the approved amount will be credited to the customers’ bank account within 30 minutes* of approval.
    5. Additional Benefits for Existing Customers – Fullerton India’s existing customers can expect additional benefits.

    This personal loan app offers the most flexibility when it comes to financing your needs and your dreams. The eligibility criteria for a personal loan with Fullerton India is simple. It comprises a stable income, a stable place of residence, a good credit score, age and sufficient repayment capacity. Download the Fullerton Instaloan app and apply for a personal loan instantly.