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    Fun and Rewarding Bitcoin Games

    Published on January 20, 2021

    The gaming industry has been around for some time. It has been keeping fans satisfied for years. Developers make sure that clients have plenty of titles to choose from. Moreover, there’s a diversity in the genre of those titles since everyone has different tastes.

    Naturally, technology moves forward and the gaming industry moves forward with it. This means that games start looking better and better. They play better too. In other words, the gaming industry is no stranger to trends. That’s how mobile gaming became so popular.

    The current trend is the usage of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is one of the more popular ones and it has already found a place in the gaming industry. Some companies support it as a payment method. However, the technology behind Bitcoin has inspired developers to come up with a few crypto games. Hence the crypto gaming market was born.

    You’ll find several games that incorporate Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Some of them will help you blow off some steam while others will prove quite educational. If you’re looking to try out some crypto titles here are a few suggestions:

    Altcoin Fantasy – an Excellent Simulator

    Bitcoin trading is rather popular these days. However, you need a bit of practice before you start trading. That’s where Altcoin Fantasy comes in. This is a crypto trading simulator. Bitcoin is just one of the cryptocurrencies that you can trade with.

    The game simulates a trading market perfectly by using real-time prices and incorporating other players as competition. Additionally, it helps you make market analyses which are a crucial part of making decisions when trading. You can also take part in trading competitions and if you’re skilled enough you can earn a reward in Bitcoin or any of the other available cryptocurrencies.

    Making a profit is the primary purpose of trading. Sometimes this can be a risky process which is why you’ll need to minimize the risk at all costs. That’s why you can make use of trading bots  Bitcoin system review also helps to minimize these risks. 

    Spells of Genesis – an Interesting Card Game

    Collectibles such as cards and other items are part of this game. Spells of Genesis also has some RPG elements. In fact, the title has a bit of everything mixed up. Your goal is to beat your opponents, as many as you can. Thanks to blockchain technology you keep what you win, and what you buy.

    Because of in-app purchases, you can boost your deck by buying extra cards with Bitcoin and other accepted cryptocurrencies. It’s a fun game that comes with interesting visuals and smooth mechanics. It’s a phone game so you can play it anywhere and anytime.

    Merge Cats – Similar to Candy Crush, Yet Completely Different

    Merge Cats is the ideal title for cat lovers. You’ll see lots of fluffy felines in this game and your goal is to match the ones that look the same. By doing so you get points and advance further in the game. This game looks good and plays well too so you’ll have lots of fun with it. Merge Cats also comes with daily challenges that offer rewards. The best part is that those rewards are actually Bitcoin rewards that you can win if you complete the challenges.

    Splinterlands – Another Card Game

    Card games are pretty popular on the crypto gaming market. That’s why developers came up with Splinterlands. With 7 factions, amazing graphics, and gameplay this is a title that doesn’t disappoint. Besides Bitcoin, you can make in-app purchases with other cryptocurrencies. Build a strong deck and decimate your opponents.


    Seeing as how the gaming industry made it to this point, it’s evident that in its past years, it was aware of trends and technological changes. Bitcoin is the new trend and it is already making an impact on the financial world as well as the gaming world. The industry and Bitcoin will go far in the near future.