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  • FUNimation® Taps PlaySpan™ Platform to Bring Top Anime Videos to Millions of Gamers

    Published on November 22, 2010

    Mumbai : PlaySpan, the global leader in monetizing online games, social
    networks, virtual worlds and videos, announced today an extensive content partnership with FUNimation Entertainment to sell hundreds of their premium anime shows on PlaySpan Marketplace.

    “We are thrilled to offer the millions of ready-to-spend gamers who visit PlaySpan Marketplace the opportunity to sample and stream FUNimation’s extremely compelling entertainment. The PlaySpan pay-per-view technology featured on PSM can be quickly integrated into any video player and major media companies are flocking to our platform to generate new revenue streams,” said Karl Mehta, CEO, PlaySpan.

    FUNimation programming on PlaySpan Marketplace includes Devil May Cry, Air Gear, Baccano!, Darker Than Black, Gunslinger Girl, Negima!, Shuffle and Soul Eater. Anime resonates so deeply with gamers that video series often evolve from hit game franchises and vice versa. For example, FUNimation’s Devil May Cry is based on the hack and slash cult classic Capcom video game, which has sold over ten million copies worldwide.

    The shows can be previewed for the first minute free and are available for a week of unlimited streaming for 99UP ($.99) with just a simple click of the pay button while sampling. To celebrate the debut of FUNimation on PSM, PlaySpan is offering a holiday code, 1111-1111-XMASFUN-236959, for 50 UPoints to the first 1000 people who redeem them at PlaySpan Marketplace Video Showcase, store.playspan.com/videos-landing. New accounts receive an additional 100 UPoints.

    FUNimation is the fifth publisher to sign onto the PlaySpan Marketplace Video Showcase and joins award-winning producers and YouTube sensations Revision3, Blame Society Films, ChadMattandRob, and Fun Little Movies in using PlaySpan’s virtual currency microtransactions platform.

    “We’re very excited to be featured in PlaySpan Marketplace as it allows us to extend our reach to an online gaming audience and experiment with pay-per-view streaming in a cinematic setting,” said Brandon White, Director, Marketing & Business Development, FUNimation Entertainment.

    The PlaySpan Marketplace Video Showcase features PlaySpan’s revolutionary 1-click, in-video, virtual currency microtransactions technology that capitalizes on the viewer’s impulse to buy in the moment.

    To sell your shows on PlaySpan Marketplace or integrate frictionless pay-per-view into your video player, contact Martine Paris, Head of the PlaySpan Video Monetization Platform at [email protected]