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  • Future Beats’ Sahil Chika Talks About Being A Successful Music Singer – Producer At Such A Young Age

    Published on October 1, 2021

    Sahil Chika, aka Sahil Garg, is a talented and young musician, singer, model and producer. He is the founder of Future Beats, a music production company that has released some super hit tracks and gifted audiences with some great singers. Sahil has worked hard to achieve his goals in the music industry. 

    Thanks to his singing and modelling abilities, Sahil Chika has become an internet star. Fans like his sense of style and the way he handles himself with confidence on social media. The artist describes his path as follows: “I’m happy with how my career is progressing. Being a part of such a large and competitive music industry has its own set of obstacles. But I’d prepared myself for it by focusing solely on my dreams. I hope I can continue to perform such a wonderful job and that my fans continue to appreciate my songs.”


    As a producer, Sahil Chika has made some good decisions that have benefitted him and the artists who worked with some. Some of the popular songs by Future Beats are You Know, Shaq, Nowadays, Dil Torh Da, Kala Rang and many more. It has been a year since he started his journey as a producer, and the music videos on his channel have received millions of views.

    When asked how does it feel to be a successful producer at such a young age, Sahil answers, “I can’t describe it in words how happy I feel. I started this channel with a hope to treat audience with authetic Punjabi songs for every mood. I am happy with the response so far and there’s a lot more I have to achieve as a producer.”

    As a singer-musician, Sahil Chika has worked on a number of hit songs, including Love Song, Forget Me, Under Rated, Next Step, and a few others. As a model, he has collaborated with some top Indian male fashion brands, which has helped him with good exposure in the modelling industry.


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