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  • “Future belongs to Entrepreneurship and Start-Up”: Jayesh Rajan, Principle Secretary, Govt of TS

    Published on October 6, 2018

    Hyderabad : Jayesh Ranjan, Principle Secretary, Govt of Telangana inaugurated two day Aliens Fest,  a Technology and Startup Conference for Engineering and Management Students here in the city on Saturday at BITS Pilani, Shamirpet, Hyderabad.

    The inaugural function was graced by D. Manoj Raj, Founder of Aliens Fest; Prof Sunder Director of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad; Prof. Aruna Malapati; Prashanth Sina of TBI- Technology Business Incubator, BITS, Pilani.

    Delivering Keynote address immediately after inaugurating it, Jayesh Rajan said, TS Govt started focusing on Start-ups and developing its ecosystem much before Union Government announced “Start-up India and Stand-Up India”.

    Globally USA and Europe, start-up are driving the economy today. India is also fast catching up with this trend, he added. India is the 3rd most preferred destination for start-ups after USA and UK, Jayesh Ranjan informed

    Globally and including in India start-up are working in such areas and domains which were until recently were considered difficult and complex areas.

    Start-ups from Telangana states have been working deep into many emerging technologies. Many start-ups here starting very early, in some cases while studying in colleges, Jayesh told the packed audience.

    Hyderabad is the home to India’s biggest technology incubator, T-Hub. It is also home to nearly 40 incubators and Co-Working Spaces. Many prominent institutions in the city have their own incubation centres. Some of them Have sector specific incubation centre, he informed

    Telangana Government encourages start-ups by using their products are services, provided there are associated with some incubation centres. Thus, first customer being the Government, Startups go a long way in their journey.

    He told students take their college little more serious so that you can covert them into a business plan later to setup a start-up.

    Joy Mustafi, Principal Researcher spoke on Cognetive Computing. IA-Artificial Intelligence must be designed to address humanity, he told.

    Technology is giving u a window to the world. Computerisation to e-Governance to mGovernance, the technology changed the way we govern informed Rajendra Nimje, Director General, Centre For Good Governance, Govt of Telangana.

    The Govt is quickly embracing emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, which will pave way forG(GPS) based-Governance and B(Blockchain Technology) based Governance he told.

    He highlighted various successful eGovernance projects taken up by them such DigiLocks etc.

    BlockChain Technology is very exciting. Though it is in nascent stage, will revolutionise things. It is robust technology. In this technology, you can’t alter any records. It can offer greater security. Centre for Hood Governance will foray into all these emerging technologies very soon, he added.

    IT Industry employee base till now in the state is 3.9 million jobs. Six lakh jobs are added in the last three years, Rajendra Nimje informed. IT will create 2.5 to 3 million new jobs by 2025, he stated. In 2016-2017 alone IT Industry added 70,000 jobs in told the audience.

    Prashant Sinha of TBI, BITS Pilani Hyderabad added that events like these aid students learn and update themselves to latest technology trends for better career options wherein Entrepreneurship has now been one of the career choices among youth.

    Many technology experts from Microsoft India, UBER, BITS Pilani Hyderabd, S&P Global;  Centre for Good Governance; Zoomcar, OnePlus, JIOCHAT, CollabHouse, Justice P. Naveen Rao, High Court Judge; Researcher at Cyber Threat Intelligence are addressing 5000 plus students in these today’s, informed, Manoj Raj D, Founder of Aliens Fest.

    The two day Fest is organised by City based EngineersHub, a platform that enables young engineers  connect with technology experts. It is it’s 3rd Edition. Now its name is changed to AliensFest.

    AliensFest is organized by EngineersHub in collaboration with TBI(Technology Business Incubator), BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, and in association with Collab House and Code Beat.

    Manoj Raj. D, Founder of AliensFest further states, it is the platform for students to learn, experience and connect with the latest technologies and meet experts and mentors from diverse industries.

    The goal of the AliensFest, adds Manoj Raj, is to spread the awareness of disruptive technology, scientific & design thinking and innovation at every level.

    The fest is featuring Tech Talks, Management Talks, Panel Discussions, Hackathon, Workshops,  Technology Competitions, Launch Pad for startups to launch their products, services; exhibition,  Students Project Expo etc and cultural activities.    Some social problems which have become of cause of concern for many and long for solutions will be thrown open for the participants to come out with solutions.

    Sharing more details, Sreerag Nambiar, Head of Operations of AliensFest informed that the two days  event this year will host 50 speakers from diverse technologies all around the world,  10 plus Technology Experience Zones, 25 plus Workshops, 50 plus Student Prototypes and much more.

    Some of the distinguished expert speakers include: Santosh Kumar Panda, Co-Founder, Director of WEECLU; Madhusudhan Anand, CTO, AMBEE; Joy Mustafi, Principal Researcher, Salesforce AI; Rajat Ojha, CEO, Gamitronics; Saurav Kaushik, Data Scientist, UBER; Sandeep Kumar Srivastava, Principal Product Startegy Manager, Microsoft India, Justice P Naveen Rao, Highcourt Judge; Guruprasad Ramamoorthy, Senior Director, GTC at S&P Global; Rajendra Nimje, Director General, Centre for Good Governance, Govt of Telangana; Sudhindra Reddy, COO, Zoomcar; Susurla VS Suresh, CTO, Startoon Labs; Tilen Pigac, Head of Community, Oneplus; Balaji Venkaeteshwar, Researcher, Cyber Threat Intelligence; Ranga Rao Karanam, Author, Founder, IN28Minutes.com; Satyarth Priyedarshi, Head of Product Marketing, JIOCHAT; Vineel Reddy Pindi, Founder, Collab House; Prashanth Sinha, Head, TBI BITS Pilani, Hyderabad and others.

    The best technology experts from around the world addressing various sessions include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Electric Cars, Virtual Reality, Construction Technology, Aero Dynamics, Inspirational Talks, Robotics, Internet of Things, Super Capacitors, Mechanical Designs and many more.

    According to Manoj Raj, man behind the success of two Tech Fests and now AliensFest, it is an initiative of Mivo Software Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.  According to him, the theme of the fest is “The Transformation”.  More than 1500 students from across India from states like Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and 5000 students from Telangana State are attending. More than 10,000 footfall is expected over the two days of the event.

    Aliens Fest is India’s largest Technology and Startup Conference specifically for Engineering.  Through this conference, idea is to build a platform for all the aspiring engineers, researchers, experts to come together sharing their ideas, experiences and knowledge. It will be a two day journey through innovation in technology.  This gives students an opportunity to get exposed to the best experts.  It will connect students from diverse demographics to corporate, to the companies and to their technology.  Students will also come to know current trends in technology.

    Nearly 50 stalls are put up by Skill Development Centers, Institutions throwing open career opportunities; consultancies, digital wallets, Car Pooling service providers, Fitness centers, Collegesetc and others.

    Manoj Raj, the man behind the fest can be reached on 81425 01947 for more info.

    Many cultural programs are also performed in between talks to break the monotony at the Fest.


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