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  • Monday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:14:36
  • With the enhancement in technical skills in India, people are getting access to advanced technology almost in every corner of the country. Automobile industries are giving their best shot to provide maximum facilities to the common man by covering every angle to ease their transportation. Each day makes our lifestyle more productive since the world has started to move at a faster pace by riding the latest automobiles, electric scooters can’t be ignored. The urban and rural areas are availing the benefits of owning an e-scooter, which makes their daily commute comfortable and within the budget.

    Electric scooters can be India’s next best choice for daily commute owing to its 3E’s features- Economically Fair, Environment Friendly, and Easy to maintain.

    The term ‘Electric’ depicts that these scooters run on electricity. They are installed with Li-ion batteries which can be charged according to the convenience. The urban cities have the access to safe, reliable, and affordable electricity which improves the socio-economic conditions at the community level. Also, these cities are provided with well-equipped charging stations to refill their electric scooter batteries with electrical energy.

    Yet, a major point of concern arises especially for the rural areas where people do have the access to these facilities but are limited!

    When shifting towards rural electrification, it is still considered to be in its rising state. People living in rural areas are still in a bit of survival mode because of the limited access to electricity. The electric scooter owners in rural areas even if they have limited access to electricity, owning an e-scooter is a fussy task for them. As compared to the urban cities, rural areas are yet to be facilitated with the appropriate amount of electricity in addition to the installments of electric stations for electric scooters which can ease their way of maintaining it.

    Considering these major concerns, Ankit Agarwal Founder of Wroley E India Pvt. Ltd. came up with the suggestion of an initiative that can solve the problems of people living in rural areas.

    Easy installation of solar panels in rural areas at an affordable price, the problem related to the shortage of electricity, and the consequences faced by the electric scooter owners can be sorted easily. For the people who already own an electric scooter and the people who are thinking of owning it, the solar panel facility is a quick resolve for them. Instead of getting charged by the electricity provided at the electric stations, if these electric stations get installed with solar panels, solar energy can be utilized to charge the electric scooters.


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