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  • Saturday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:00:13
  • When it comes to preparation of quant for competitive exams one recommend the Bestseller books on Amazon.Recently, “SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise” by Gagan Pratap Sir became the Amazon No.1 Bestseller. Being an dynamic teacher in the industry, he is famous for his versatile and quick solutions. His other workpiece which have also been bestseller on various online plaforms including Amazon are “Advance Maths Class Notes” By Gagan Pratap and “SSC CGL Mains 24 Sets”. Another masterstroke for targeting Mains exams is ” SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise” publisehed by him consisting of 3000 questions with handwritten solutions. This also no doubt became Amazon’s No.1 Bestseller for many fortnights .
    Following these books has helped many students preparing for the government exams.

    Gagan Pratap Sir, a maths online educator has a youtube channel- Gagan Pratap Maths on which he is providing lots of free lectures for aspirants preparing for SSC, Bank, and Railway exams. His YouTube channel has more than 2.74 million followers, and his Facebook page Maths by Gagan Pratap has 504,438 followers.

    Arithmetics is one of the most challenging subjects for many students because, unlike other subjects, it consists of remembering formulas. Also, all government exams have aspirants from different regions, and only the best scoring person qualifies for the next rounds.

    Gagan Pratap Sir has become an inspiring mathematician because of his simplistic teaching methods. He has even aspired other students to follow their dream government job and leave mathematical issues in his hands.

    He constantly resolves most common issues by students and indulges with them on his YouTube channel. Gagan Pratap Maths YouTube channel also ranks among the top individual YouTubers in the industry.

    Gagan Pratap Sir aims to reach the masses of India and abroad by providing free education through YouTube and minimal-cost online classes on Careerwill App. He runs batches in small groups so that he can give individual attention to students.

    As a youth, Gagan Pratap Sir has proven that age is just a number and acknowledged the importance of teaching in India. According to Gagan Pratap Sir, “Students should receive the best online coaching at minimal costs to build a progressive nation.”

    He believes that following these approaches can even help more people become government employees and bring happiness to their families. Gagan Pratap Sir endeavours to reach the maximum potential of people in India that fail to qualify for government exams because of low mathematical scores.

    Even his bestseller book SSC CGL Mains Chapter Wise, with 424 pages and 3,000 personally selected questions, is available on Amazon and Flipkart at budget-friendly prices. Many YouTubers that are also preparing for SSC, Railway, and Bank exams have bought his books to enhance their skills and score high marks.