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Game Theory appoints Partha Varanashi as the Technical Director of Swimming

Bengaluru, May 16, 2024: Game Theory, a pioneering force transforming the sports experience through innovative technology, is excited to announce the appointment of Partha Varanashi as the Technical Swimming Director. In this role, Mr. Varanashi will be instrumental in leading the evolution of swimming training methodologies at Game Theory, aligning them with our strategic vision of shaping future champions for the Olympic Games and elevating swimmers from foundational skills to elite competitive levels.

Underlining this appointment is Game Theory’s visionary goal of shaping future champions for the Olympic Games, with a particular focus on the 2036 Olympics, for which India is mounting a robust bid. This initiative aims to elevate swimmers from foundational skills to elite competitive levels. The vision of Game Theory extends beyond merely teaching swimming; it is about preparing athletes for the ultimate stage—the Olympics. By implementing a holistic development strategy from the grassroots level, Game Theory is setting in motion a comprehensive plan that fosters excellence in aquatic skills and equips swimmers to excel at international competitions, including the Olympics. We envision a future where our swimmers are not just participants but leaders in the global swimming community, and Mr. Varanashi’s appointment is a significant step towards realizing this vision.

Mr Partha Varanashi brings with him a rich and diverse professional background – A champion swimmer with a focus on aquatic education. His accolades include being the swimming coach in the FINA World Championship in Gwangju, General Secretary of Surf Life Saving India, Swim Coaching Director and Coordinator at State Swim Morphett in Australia. He has an impressive record of winning 18 Gold Medals in National Masters Championships, 50 Gold Medals in State Swim Meets, and 10 Gold Medals in Aussie Masters events. Mr Varanashi has also participated in 3 events in the FINA Masters World Championships in Montreal and Budapest. His experience in mentoring swimming coaches is equally impressive, having trained over 210 swim teachers and 300 surf lifesavers.

In his new role, Mr Varanashi will focus on refining and expanding Game Theory’s swimming programmes, which are unique in their integration of cutting-edge technology with advanced teaching frameworks. This innovative approach enhances both technique and safety in the water, setting our programmes apart from traditional swimming lessons. His approach will emphasize long-term athlete development, environmental awareness, and the incorporation of life-saving skills into regular training routines. These unique selling points of our swimming programmes, under Mr. Varanashi’s leadership, will contribute to our mission of revolutionizing swimming education and shaping the future of the sport.

Mr Varanashi will oversee several key initiatives at Game Theory, each designed to revolutionize how swimming is taught and practiced. These include innovative training techniques to enhance swim instruction, focusing on form, precision, and efficiency. Additionally, he will lead safety and rescue training programmes that embed critical survival skills within the curriculum to foster adept lifesavers. He will also focus on adaptation to diverse aquatic environments, ensuring swimmers are educated about the challenges of various water bodies, such as oceans and rivers. Moreover, he will develop comprehensive physical training programmes for tailored ground workouts to improve stability, mobility, flexibility, agility, and body control. These initiatives, under Mr. Varanashi’s leadership, will play a crucial role in our mission to revolutionize swimming education and shape the future of the sport.

In a groundbreaking move for aquatic education in India, Game Theory, under the leadership of Mr Varanashi, is set to revolutionize swimming education with its innovative training approach and advanced facility management. Central to its strategy is a rigorous three-tiered teacher training programme that ensures daily, weekly, and monthly professional development, keeping instructors at the forefront of swimming techniques and educational methods. A cutting-edge technology suite complements this, incorporating video analysis systems for real-time technique monitoring against ideal models. In these sessions, swimmers will benefit from videos demonstrated by top swim models and a newly developed software system that captures and analyzes their movements during assessments, offering precise feedback and enabling rapid technical improvement. This unique integration of technology enhances the learning experience and performance assessment, setting a new standard in swim education.

Sudeep Kulkarni, Founder of Game Theory, expressed his enthusiasm about Varanashi’s appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Partha Varanashi to Game Theory. His deep technical expertise in swimming education and our cutting-edge technology will undoubtedly make our pools a burgeoning hub of talent in the coming years. There truly could have been no better choice to lead these initiatives and help us shape the future of swimming.”

Partha Varanashi, newly appointed Technical Swimming Director at Game Theory, shared his excitement about his new role, saying, “I am excited to join Game Theory, where we are harnessing cutting-edge technology to transform how swimmers are developed from the grassroots level. Our integration of detailed analytics allows us to track each swimmer’s progress with unprecedented precision. This approach not only refines their technique but also ensures they are prepared to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of competitive swimming. By fostering a foundation of excellence and safety, we set new standards in aquatic education and empower swimmers to achieve their fullest potential.”

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