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Gautam Solar launches new trading division for cost-effective solar panel components

New Delhi : Leading Indian solar manufacturer Gautam Solar recently launched its new trading division, solely focused on solar panel components the division has been planned to boost the ongoing demand for solar energy in the country and to support growing smaller businesses in the sector. Mr. Gautam Mohanka, Managing Director of Gautam Solar launched the division amidst the buzz of expansion.

The Indian government has launched numerous incentives the boost production of solar panels and expansion of the transmission network under the Green Energy Corridor programme. Gautam Solar relies extensively on its own in-house investments for production of solar components and panels the boost from Government policies has allowed the company to envision further expansions to cater to specific domestic and international demand for solar and renewable resources.

The company also intends to collaborate with other key players in the future to maximize profits and access to solar energy for masses.

“We want to be on the forefront as Indian moves its reliance on solar energy. Our vision for this division to expand access to solar energy resources with a focus on effective pricing,” – The marketing team of Gautam Solar said in a statement.

Gautam Solar, which has been driving innovations in the solar power industry in India for more than two decades, intends to mark the new division as an extension of their services. The division has been launched as an extended formal branch of new & innovative solar panel components, which will be an advantage to smaller manufacturers and players in the solar industry. To its credit, the company has installed 20 Lacs+ solar systems so far. The new division will focus on components, such as cells, EVA, back-sheet, ribbon, and aluminium profile.

Gautam Solar enjoys incredible popularity in the domestic solar industry and has been offering assistance to smaller panel manufacturers for years now. The new division is a strategic extension of those efforts, focused on offering solar panel components at reasonable prices. The available raw materials and components will particularly support upcoming and growing businesses looking to expand in the sector.

“We intend to enlarge our footprint in Northern India and beyond, and this new division will cater to smaller manufacturers and budding solar players in a big way,” – Mr. Gautam Mohanka said in a statement.

The company’s exciting new launch is backed by its commitment to offer assured service support for all products and components of solar panels. Gautam Solar’s existing profile already promises great things for Indian customers, especially when the sector is gaining hugely from government policies. Their current launch is in sync with their plans to capture the growing market, with their range of robust and affordable solar products. 

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