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  • Wednesday, November, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:40:37
  • Gen Z lifestyle brand WK Life to increase its India’s workforce 4 times for their upcoming manufacturing unit in the country

    Published on November 24, 2021

    • WK Life grew at an impressive pace last year touching the Rs 20 crore revenue mark in FY 20-21.
    • The new manufacturing unit will produce 30% of their entire product range, earlier it used to be imported from London & Hong Kong.
    • Business is expected to double this financial year.

    New Delhi : London-based Gen Z lifestyle brand WK Life is planning extensive expansion in India and will be launching its first ever manufacturing unit in India which will produce 30% of entire product range. Earlier, 100% products were imported from London & Hong Kong respectively. With the manufacturing unit in India, WK Life lessens the dependency in importing the goods and will provide employment opportunities to the locals. 

    Mr. Rohit Sahni, Co-founder, WK Life said, “We are looking at hiring attractive younger, properly skilled workers as we understand the new job landscape and work to create a smooth transition for the incoming younger workforce.  It is very important to have a skilled workforce for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth of any such leading business”.

    Manufacturing is a key to creating jobs in services and setting up a manufacturing unit will lead to the creation of large employment in which will further help in rebuilding the livelihood of the weaker section for rural as well as urban areas.

    Echoing the same sentiments, Mr. Gaurav Dabas, Co-founder, WK Life said, “We at WK Life are also doing our bit towards the government mission and vision of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as he always highlights the importance of his much-appreciated campaigns like ‘Make in India’, ‘Manufacture in India’ for the growth of the manufacturing sector and employment generation of the youth. We will conduct the recruitment drive through job portals, third-party HR services, career pages, and internal references. In the last year, we further strengthened our position and established ourselves as a preferred choice of our customers and omnichannel operations. We aim to continue the strong growth momentum and have a clear roadmap of domestic expansion for FY22.”

    In 2020, manufacturing companies were forced to reassess their priorities on both a company and employee level. Employers learned the importance of sustaining a healthy workforce, both physically and mentally, and that without creating positive environments for all workers they will not be successful.

    By incorporating a people-centric mindset in 2021 and – with a focus on recruitment and reskilling – using technology to increase agility, manufacturers will create conditions where workers feel connected, supported and empowered.

    In 2021, businesses will become more people-centric than ever before. Employees may be feeling isolated as some have been sequestered at home; others who are still on the factory floor need to socially distance – though they’re still physically at work, they are separated. Now that a large chunk of people have been vaccinated, it is the right time for employee operations to return to normal, as it seems happening in few parts of the country.

    “We are WK Life are also doing our bit towards the government mission and vision of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as we highlighted in one of his speech invited the world to ‘Make in India’, ‘Manufacture in India’ and indicated that growth of manufacturing sector is must for employment generation of the youth”, Mr. Sahni added.